How I Got Over my Worst Breakup

I’ve always lied to myself that I had never been heartbroken, lol so when people ask me if I had ever had a heart break, I go all “nahhh.. That’s too serious. I don’t think I have ever been heart broken, but I sure know what a heart ache feels like.” I guess I was just ashamed of telling people I had been heartbroken but I’m not ashamed anymore because I’m human.

I’m not sure there was a difference between what heartbroken people felt and what I felt. My heart felt like it was falling out of my chest, I was restless and I think I was in shock for some days. What made it worse was that I still had to do chores 😔. It was the worst worst feeling on earth. 

I think I have been heartbroken twice, I guess 😂. The first time was a whole new experience. I was just a naive teenage girl and the funny thing was, for like two weeks I couldn’t even cry. Weird. Second time was easy for me because I had grown closer to God, so the healing was faster.

Lets talk about the first time i got my heartbroken, although I was the one who broke up, I still felt terrible and one of the things that helped me was TALKING. I would call one of my friends up at night, I felt she had some experience with the whole breakup thing then I’d just talk about everything and anything about my ex. And she would listen to me. After our conversations, I realized that I felt so much better. So If you’re going through a heartbreak, i think you should try talking. Talk to the right person though, someone you trust.

Most mornings I woke up with this pain in my chest that wont go away, and I ignored it for days. One morning it just hit me hard and I cried. Really cried. I didn’t want to stop. I think I was enjoying it at some point 😂. I did a few rounds at night too and it sure made me feel so much better. I became extra emotional, even movie scenes that were not so emotional made me cry, smh. I was looking for every opportunity to unleash what I was feeling. I can confidently say crying will help ease the pain.

I listened to sad songs too a lot. I just stayed in my feelings, enjoying the pain and that’s not the way to go. This didn’t help me in any way. I thought it did but from what I know now, it only slowed down the healing process. Wish I knew then what I know now.

Another thing that helped me then was being around people, I was so occupied with church activities and  having friends around helped. So I really did not have any time to think about it like I used to. Took me a pretty long time to get over it but I did and you can too. Don’t stay idle waiting for something to change. Go out and have fun (with dignity), meet new people, get busy with your life. One day you will wake up and realize that the pain is totally gone.

Lastly, TIME heals everything. You may feel like you’re drowning now or like you wouldn’t make it through another day. You will, trust me and in the end you will laugh and life will get sweeter & better. 

I am so sure that if I had prayed about it, I should have gotten over it faster. I know Jesus heals and mends broken hearts. Take yours to Him 

Stay blessed ❤

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  1. Your boo boo says:

    Ooohh nice one baby girl, keep writing you’d go very far.. I pray for ya

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