How to be Happy, Single or Taken 

So Valentine is around the corner and I’m super excited. I don’t even know why.( it’s not what you’re thinking) lol. I’m excited  because my birthday is closer 😏. Believe it or not 😂

Hmmm. Valentines day, February 14th 2017, some people shall discover that they are not their boo’s boo 😭 or worse sharing boo with another person. 

For some others, this day could mark a major shift in their relationship. Some 180 degrees (forward) , some others 360 degrees (nowhere) if you know what I mean 😂. Regardless of where you stand, you deserve to be happy because God wants you to be happy.

It’s quite sickening that so many people depend on their relationships and friendships to bring them joy and happiness. I’m not saying that people we love shouldn’t make us happy, all I’m saying is that we should never rely on people for our happiness because  as humans we fail daily and we hurt ourselves, even unknowingly. 

There’s that void in our hearts that constantly longs to be filled and it was only specially designed to be filled by the maker of the heart. If you fill that void with people or things then you’re setting yourself up for disappointments. 

If you’re single, stop sitting around waiting and looking  for a relationship to make you happy. I listened to one of Heather Lindsey’s message on YouTube and she talked about how she was in and out of several relationships, trying to fill the void in her heart but it never truly satisfied. Now she’s married with kids and she still talks about how her husband can’t fill that longing in her heart because only God can. If you’re married or in a relationship your partner should not take up the place of God in your heart. 

Days like Valentine’s day to a single person, might be a day where you realize how single you are and be depressed because of all the cute couple pictures you see on  social media. Your friends in relationships  call you up to give you gist of what their lovers bought and did for them. You see amazing write ups and epistles posted by lovers and you long to have something like that. God put those emotions in us so it’s not a bad thing to want all of those things. 

I think one of the best ways of being happy is making other people happy. Which involves showing love to the people around you, no wonder it’s a commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. Go visit the less privileged, go out with your friends, go for singles programs and get informed. Don’t sit around wallowing in self pity and depression. If you are taken then that’s awesome, make that special person feel loved. Take them out, spoil them, do something nice for them. But do this with caution so you don’t get carried away and do things that would lead to sin against your body. Except you are married.

If you’re unhappy and you feel unloved remember someone died for you and if it were only you in the world,  he’d still die for you. Jesus loves you like crazy, his love is real and tangible. Married, single or taken, make up your mind that you’re not going to be pressurized by anything or anyone, choose to be happy because God wants you to be happy. Let his love fill your hearts, invite him in because he’s waiting for you. 

Happy Valentine in advance ❤

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  1. marcelle umar says:

    Yes girl. I’m single but my Val’s day will be very lit!!!

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    1. Haha. Yesss 🙌🙌


  2. Aramide says:

    I love this…..I feel relieved…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I’m glad ❤


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