How I Got my Heart Broken

Hey guys, I just featured as a guest blogger on my friends blog @ I wrote on how I got over my worst heartbreak. So y’all  should check it out and show some love. I figured if I was going to tell you how I got my self out of the heartbreak, then I might as well tell you how I got into it and how to avoid getting your heart broken.Like I wrote in the blog post, “how I got over my worst heartbreak.” I was just a naive teenage girl.The first mistake I made was that: 

  1. I was blind to all the red flags: I thought I was in love. The butterflies in my tummy decieved me 😭. I put myslef in the position to be hurt. And that is what most of us still do. You see all the bad attitude, the lies, the deciet but you still find a way to make excuses for them just because you want a relationship. Never ever ignore the red flags my loves. 
  2. I became invested in the relationship too soon: I think we ladies are fond of making this mistake. It did not matter to me if he wasn’t calling as much as I did, even when I complained, there was no change and I still stayed because I thought I was in love and he was going to change. He didn’t. smh. Your crush says hi and you’re already planning your wedding in your head. Stop it 😂 
  3. It happened too fast: Because of all the things I felt, I thought that was all there was to it. This boy had to be mine. He was mine but he wasn’t really mine if you get what I mean. Ladies, I know its hard but we really need to stop being too eager and allow feelings overule logic. Even if you are not desperate, that is what it would seem like to the other party. Take your time to truly know this person, although sometimes you cannot fully know a person, but get to know them to the extent that you can be sure that you can handle their personality, if you were in a relationship with them.
  4.  I wasn’t ready: I was so inexperienced, I thought I knew what a relationship should be like. I had never read a book on relationships, I just dived into it and made mistakes that should have been easily avoided. When you go into something you are not ready for, this is what happens. Roles begin to switch and  if you are not careful, you may do somethings that you would regret. If you want to be in relationship, don’t just read quotes on godlydating 101 and expect everything to be fine, go the extra mile, read books, listen to messages, pray about it. Be ready.
  5.  I stayed in an unhealthy relationship: This person was obviously taking more than he gave. I was so emotionally invested in someone who was so emotionally unavailable. 

I used to think he broke my heart but I realized that I broke my own heart because I put myself in a position to be heart broken. Ladies/Guys don’t be led by feelings alone. Even the scripture says you should use your head . Be logical, and also be led by the holy spirit.

Watch this space. More to come ❤


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  1. Please how did you get over the heart break ?

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    1. Its on Marcelle’s blog


  2. ogahson says:

    More Grace Fisayo

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  3. _Akinwale_ says:

    Awesome write up!

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