Why I’m Grateful – Opeolu Adeyemi #wigseries #wig 

Why I’m Grateful… 

I’m grateful for my things.
First off, I’m grateful to God for life and for keeping me alive till the last day, last week, last weekend and last month of the fabulous year 2016.

Not because the entire year was all rosy, but because in the midst of it all, I can boldly declare that I finished strong and well.

I’m grateful because in the year 2016, I became a graduate, in fact my family had two graduates (brilliant ones at that Lol!) That could only be God, providing for us both all through the years of schooling and helping us to finish strong, bagging awesome degrees and numerous awards.
I’m grateful because in the year 2016, for the first time in an academic setting, I received leadership awards. The truth is when you backtrack to a few years, in my mind, I would not have dreamed of such a possibility (those year sigh…) But, God made that great things possible by His grace, making my life beautiful.
I’m grateful because even when storms arose in various forms, sickness, financial challenges, family challenges, etc. God en-graced me to stay strong and not faint under the weight and pressure of it all. Instead, I have a marvellous testimony and am alive to still say He is faithful.

I’m grateful because in the 2016, God brought marvellous people my way, helping me to grow in the various aspects of my life. My year would not have been complete without them, for the various ways they invested their resources, just to ensure that my life bears much healthy and beautiful fruit.
I’m grateful that, I have family members. Some people don’t have someone to talk to, or have lost their loved ones during the course of the year, but I have five marvellous siblings and parents to share those funny, awkward, joyful, exciting, playful etc. moments with.
It’s been a wonderful ride, a mixture of everything; good, not good, sweet, not sweet, happy, not happy, joyful, not joyful, exciting, not exciting, boring, not boring moments etc. (You get the picture…) 

Nevertheless, it is this mixture and variety that gave 2016 a taste and flavour of its kind. Wonderful is what I’ll call it.

Words would fail to tell it all, the fact that you are reading this article, speaks volumes of God’s faithfulness, Grace and Mercy. The more reasons to be grateful. 
I’m still alive! 

So God has in store a bright future for me, it’s so bright I doubt the right light glasses or eye shades have been invented (Thomas Edison missed that one after the light bulb). 

LOL! Not kidding though…

So these are just a few reason I can speak of here of why am grateful to God.
So Lord, Gracias Muchas!

You are Awesome and loved! 


Why? Because you first loved me, and still keep loving me every day of my life. 

So I’ll always be grateful.

Thank you for 2017, My Year of Undeniable Exploits. 🙂


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