Why I’m Grateful-Folusho Oguntoyinbo #wig #wigseries 

​My name is folusho and this is why I’m grateful for 2016.

Twenty sixteen has been a very long year for me, sometimes when I think back at all that’s happened this year I feel like it was so long ago. This was the year I did my final defence, graduated, met God, started my NYSC, the year with the most family drama, the year the devil pushed and pushed and pushed! And the year the lord showed himself faithful! . 

Honestly, there is no way my family or myself will still be standing as strong as we are if it were not for God. The trials were so much the year was filled with so many lows, bruh the devil tried it. But I am so grateful to God because he has been nothing but faithful. I don’t even know how to put into words what he has done for my family, because you know when you as an individual are having personal victories and your family is struggling you don’t really feel the impact or in your own limited human capacity you do not feel like God has done a complete job, or just don’t find it in you to be absolutely grateful without resentment and reliance on God. Even through these my human times and moments this year, his grace and mercy where ever present, he did not leave my side for one moment, he did not stop being faithful because I fell short or anything. 

The truth is in every trial, God was there, ever present, making little touches here and there and putting the devil to absolute shame lol, like he didn’t have a chance. God has kept every one of my family members, we have traveled so much this year, by road, air, foot lol. Anything could have happened at any moment. And God kept us. None of us was seriously ill, nobody died, nobody got kidnapped. Why? Because God has been faithful.

He gave us the three p’s. protection, provision, peace (even in the storm). Why I’m grateful is because my God has been crazy faithful. 

Thank you fifss for this medium to share my testimony and bring awareness to how glorious and yes faithful God was, is and will continue to be.     

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