Why I’m Grateful #wig #wigseries – Manasseh Pringshark Tristan

There’s no limit to how thankful a person can be because God is just so awesome. My mind can’t even comprehend all the things that God has done in my life because only the few I’ve seen have left me in awe. I haven’t told many people this, but I spent most of the early days of Christmas in 2016 going to the hospital for my dad. There was a scary moment when I thought he would die, but with absolute faith, I told him to his face that he will see his grandchildren. God delivered him. 

Also I’ve shared the testimony before of the accident I had on my way back to school. One of the rear tyres burst in to pieces. I’m at the final leg of my stay in school, and I knew that God didn’t bring me this far for it to end just like that. With no pressure, I heard him say “Not today son, I’ve gone ahead of you.” That’s the God I know. So, if I can sum up 2016 in a phrase, it would be “I Rose”. I hit a lot of low points in my life last year that it got to a point I felt so overwhelmed. But there are moments in life that can define you, destroy you, or push you to heights you’ve never even imagined. Where others saw an end, God opened my eyes to see an opportunity. I learnt a lot about myself last year. There’s real strength in getting back up. Faith works wonders people. 

And finally, let me just say that God is wonderful. Whether I chose to acknowledge him or not, he’s was always there. Where I saw myself as a speck, he saw a world of wonders in me. And his love is constant. God is love and love is alive. 


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