Why I’m Grateful – Chukwuemeka Onyebuchi #wig #wigseries

There are numerous reasons to be grateful. I mean, we hear it everyday in church or see tweets about it. In all honesty, we sometimes undermine God’s supremacy and take those little things as consequences of our actions. I did a quick review of events this year (2016) and found out that there’s a lot to be grateful about, hopefully I will highlight a few.

First of all, Life and good health are very important factors. No dead person cares about the latest Macbook or the La Ferrari.  I’m grateful for great health not just in my life but that of my family and friends. Its fair to say I travelled a lot in 2016, and in all those trips there was divine protection.
2016 was “The year”. The year in the sense that I was going to graduate. I’m grateful I made it. I remember those days in school (feels good to be finally able to say that!) with the all night studies, dangerously shabby dinners, annoying sleep schedules, library stuff and all of that. I’m grateful its all over with something to show for it. I’m grateful I graduated with First Class Honours and Importantly, all my brothers were able to graduate with excellent results. School was very challenging. I fell ill so many times in the last semester, and was admitted twice. I was admitted in the hospital even during my final exams 😰 and come to think of it, I was ill during the early hours of convocation day. These were example of times when you weren’t sure you’d make it to the finish line. I’m grateful God was there and saw me through. 
 I was fortunate to serve and represent the best set of people in the university 😉, and it was fun and stressful at the same time. I had to balance my leadership responsibilities with my academic requirements and it was definitely interesting. In fact at a time, I was wearing a Jacket not because I wanted to make a fashion statement, but because I was too busy for my own good 😓 .  Once my project supervisor asked me if I had a new supervisor because I was running late on submission of a chapter or so. I’m grateful that despite all of that, I was successful in every ramification.
This year was filled with a lot of lessons. I learnt the importance of relationships in another dimension. I am blessed to be surrounded with very positive and innovative people. I’m grateful that I met a lot of beautiful people, wonderful souls and the powerful interactions we had. They formed the numerous supporting cast for every success I recorded and I’m grateful they are still in my life. From numerous prayers to even revising with me on the hospital bed. I’m grateful I have people I can trust and that their support isn’t ephemeral. 
I’m grateful I have a family I go back to everyday after work. They have been very supportive. I’m grateful they are all in good health and are making progress in their endeavours. I’m grateful that God has always provided for us and has given us all sorts of security.
In truth, 2016 was a very lovely year. It wasn’t always smiles and success. I’m grateful that there was always a God to talk to and that He always made a way. I’m grateful that despite all that’s happening in the world, I have a wonderful 2017 waiting for me because my case is different.


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  1. deewantucx says:

    Great reminder that all things truly good come from God alone and that we should always be grateful. Thanks for sharing this bro. Great article!

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