Becoming 25 ll Life Lately

Hey 25

Hello darlings it’s been like forever. I apologise for the recent inconsistency. A lot has been happening and there’s so much I want to share but I guess I’ll start from a ‘Life update post.’

What has changed

Last time I did a life lately post was months ago and a lot has changed since then. Life lately has been beautiful and I’m grateful to God for His Blessings upon my life. I started a new job in December 2018, and I started chapter 25 on the third of this Month, and it was truly memorable. 25 is a big milestone for me and I’m very excited about life. It hadn’t always been like this but I’m done being afraid of growing up. You should check the post I did a while back on this.

My birthday fell on a Sunday, I went to church and I danced my ‘soul’ out but why not? God has been so good to me, He’s been crazy faithful. Right now I feel like God’s favorite child, ever felt that way ?

In the evening, I celebrated with with a few amazing women. It was super lit, great food, great conversation with beautiful women. I had so much fun.

My whole birthday week was full of pleasant surprises and blessings I would never forget. God truly outdid himself and blessed me with amazing people.

Here are pictures and a video from the birthday dinner :

Birthday dinner

What I’m grateful for atm

I’m grateful for an amazing work family. Everyone on my team is unique in their own way and I’m very thankful to be part of such an amazing team. On my birthday, my team got me a cake and sang a birthday song, it was too cute.

What I’m loving right now

Guyssss!! I got a brand new iPhone XR as a birth gift. I remember having a conversation with a friend months back about how I was praying and waiting for this phone to come, I’ll say it jokingly and even during my declarations. Everyday I get to wake up to my dream phone 😍. A blogger / creative would understand excitement.

What I’m learning

Recently God has been teaching me about the power of seed sowing, giving and the importance of declarations. I have seen my seed take another body and manifest into answered prayers. I have also seen words spoken in deep worship and prayers come alive in my life. In my last post, I shared some details about how I waited for my new job.shared a bit of what transpired behind the scenes before the job finally came.

What I’m believing

I’m believing God can do anything, nothing is too small or big to talk to God about. Pray about everything! If it bothers you so much that you can’t sleep at night, then maybe you should pray about it. God has a sense of Humor, if he created us to be funny, if he sits on the throne and laughs, why do you feel the need to ‘tight’ the world to your chest?

Pray about it and relax ☺️.

What I’m missing

Currently missing my future husband πŸ˜‚ jk. I’m not going to lie that I don’t miss being in a relationship, it does get lonely sometimes even though I’m enjoying this single life baby, I actually miss having someone to pester, someone to complain about a bad day to and of course the deep warm hugs, damn I miss those πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­, *teary eyes* oh well we move!

It’s so much better to be single and happy than to be in a mediocre relationship.

What I’m feeling

This is the happiest I’ve been in a while, I’m so happy it’s surreal. I’m thankful to God for this peace and Joy he’s given me.

Favorite music atm

Anything Hillsong tbh, their music literally takes me to heaven. So so soothing, who else loves Hillsong music ?

Current Read

Currently reading ‘ Love Your Life (Living Happy, Healthy and Whole) by Victoria Osteen. From the few pages I’ve read, I’ve already learned so much that I’m practicing. I’m recommending this book to everyone who desires to live happy, healthy and whole.

What I’m relearning

I recently started to journal again, put down my thoughts, write to God, write about my day and write about anything else I feel like writing. It’s therapeutic for me, kinda helps me unclog my mind and process my thoughts. You should try it!

Something new I tried

So I opened a thrift store on instagram sometime in February, sold most of the items before I even got the chance to post them. I haven’t restocked since then because this requires a lot of time and dedication. ‘Entrepreneurship is not easy’ is such an underrated phrase. I’m not sure when I’ll restock, maybe after my plate is a bit clear πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. In the main time, I’m focusing on the growth of my blog and try new things until I find what works with my current schedule.

What I need desperately

I need balance. I’m still trying to figure out what works for me as regards career, spiritual growth, the blog, health and my social life. It’s been a lot harder trying to maintain balance especially with a 9-5 job which can get pretty intensive, so currently I’m trying out different things, just to see what works best for me. Please if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments.

What I’m praying for

I’m praying for wisdom, strength and deeper discernment. During my birthday worship session, I was asking God what He wanted 25 to be for me, all I could hear was a ” deeper walk with me. ”

I believe God is so particular about fellowship time because that’s the essence of our very being. It’s been hard for me lately but I’m more determined to very intentional about fellowship with God. This year I want to experience God differently, I want to see visions and deeper revelations, I want more! I know non of that is going to happen if I’m passive about my relationship with God.

I will share more life update posts from time to time. I hope this was inspiring and worth your time. Please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog if you haven’t. Have a beautiful week!

Fisayo ❀️

Photo credit: @dejiphotos on IG


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Ozioma Paul says:

    First, you are so beautiful Fisayo! Like C’mon! Na person pikin fine like this??? (I had to move into my razz mode) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Honestly though, you are an amazing beautiful woman and I thank God for you.

    Happy 25th once again! Congratulations on your new phone. More wins!

    And I better start tapping into this declarations thing o
    *Remembering your tweet of calling forth a tall chocolate glass* πŸ˜‚

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I look forward to more awesome reads from you. Cheers πŸ’œ

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awwn Ozzy ❀️❀️❀️. Thank you for being a constant support. Hahaha please razz mode is allowed! Love you girl. Thank you once again 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. novellisteer says:

    Happy 25th Birthday, congratulations on your new phone, you have such a wonderful teams and friends, you so right entrepreneur are so over rated probably with time you will know what will work for you


    1. Thank you so much 😊


  4. Liifeai says:

    Osheyyy the big 25. Happy birthday in arrears. You all looked so beautiful bathed with God’s grace and glory. More and more years to come ❀❀


    1. Amen! Thank you so much 😘😘❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy Birthday Fisayo. The big 25 *whoop whoop*. I’m glad for your new year and the new phone and the job too.

    I pray you find balance in all that you do and clarity in this new phase.

    The pictures look so beautiful.
    Loving Hillsong daily too. Thank God for them.

    I’ll start taking declarations seriously now.


    1. Yasss! Thank you so much Tobi, really do appreciate your comment. And amen, please take them seriously! God’s word is life!❀️❀️


  6. Sophie Wobilo says:

    Happy birthday Fifi!! Everyday should be your birthday because you are special and deserve to be celebrated!!!

    Whooshhhh! πŸ’ƒThis is me super excited about your new phone because clear photos,more apps and even clearer videosπŸ˜‚ I tap into the blessing and I would definitely take my declarations seriously from now on.


    1. Yes everything CLEAR 🀣. Yes you should take them seriously oh ! Thank you Sophs, really appreciate the feedback 😘😘


  7. Debs says:

    Happy big 25 Fisayo. You look so beautiful and in a happy place. Being single is joyful and you should enjoy every moment until bobo comes along.

    I love this post and I’ve picked my own lessons from it too. Congrats on the new store and phone. I need that phone upgrade too 😁😁


    1. Haha yes it will happen! Thank you darling ❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Faith Adiorho says:

    love it….. There is so much to learn and so much to emulate from you… I love you girl…


    1. Faith!!! Thank you my amazing friend ❀️❀️❀️


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