Dear Beautiful Woman Remember that :

  • Your worth is far above rubies/diamonds
  • You’re happy for the success of others
  • You are not jealous or envious of others
  • You are a giver
  • You are clothed with beauty and honor
  • You are hardworking and diligent 
  • Your are not confused
  • You’re passionate about your business 
  • You’re talented
  • You are always ready to help others
  • You are decent
  • You are respectful 
  • You’re never caught looking shabby 
  • You are not caught unawares by unforseen/seen circumstances 
  • You’re courageous and strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 
  • You’re not lousy
  • You’re a home-maker 
  • You’re respected and praised by your family 
  • You reverence your maker
  • You are admired 

    Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all – proverbs 31

    You are that woman, that proverbs 31 woman, start acting like your true self 💜


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    1. Ellahillz says:

      Nice. Precise and apt!


    2. Ellahillz says:

      Nice Read. Precise and apt!

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