Writing As An Act of Worship 

I used to  be one of those people who thought worship meant that holy moment when I’m in church, hands raised, tears welling up in my eyes, and the chills I feel on my skin, heart connected… If we were made to worship God, why do we usually limit the act of worship, making it a mere item on the church program. If we were made to worship God, then everything we do should bring glory to Him. I believe worship is anything we do that brings glory, honor and adoration to God. 

We can’t afford to box worship into a mere act because it’s bigger than that, it’s more than an emotional display. I read a blog that explained how blogging is a form of worship, and I was literally blown away. Those hours I spend thinking, typing and editing, just to ensure that the content is beautiful, is an act of  worship in itself . When I discovered this, I became more intentional about what I put out there. The point is our lives should glorify God. Down to the tiniest little detail. Do your words glorify God or the devil? What about those thirst traps you post on social media? How do you treat people? Are you truly glorifying God with your life? 

I believe when we’re conscious that our life as a whole is supposed to bring honor to God it’s alot easier to see when you’re derailing. Let your talents bring glory to God! There was a time I ask God to reveal my talent to me, and then I started writing. I still have a long way to go, so much to learn but I’m thankful I’m not where I used to be.Yay.

Writing is an act of worship. Every word you write that blesses or encourages someone is worship, because you’re glorifying God in the end. Writing this blog  is an act of worship because it sure brings glory to my sweet Heavenly Father. Don’t take your skill, talents or what you do granted because one way or the other you’re honoring God or the devil. 

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    i believe in that too…..’

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  2. Ellahillz says:

    Spot! Beautiful post❤

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    1. Thank you b 💜💚


  3. Oréoluwa says:

    You are very right. Writing is a talent, if you ask me, because no all can communicate effectively through writing.

    Oréoluwa’s blog


    1. Exactly, thanks for the feedback ❤

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  4. 🙌👍👍👍👍

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