Why I’m Grateful -Fisayo Adeyemi #wig #wigseries 

Hi everyone. Compliments of the season 🎄. I know it’s been really long I posted anything new, and for those of you 

thinking I stopped blogging. That’s not the case honey, just took a break for a while. And I’m happy to announce  that you will be reading more of my posts in twenty-seventeen . 

Twenty-sixteen has been one heaven of a year for me. Whew! Thank you Lord it’s almost over. Just  one more day to go before we say bye bye to you sir ✋✋. Reminiscing over the past twelve months and I’m amazed at how far God has brought me. I’m not amazed because it was all unicorns and rainbows. I’m  amazed because after each storm, there’s always a rainbow to look forward to and it never failed to appear. Being thankful doesn’t mean I have it all together, God knew exactly what he was saying when he commanded us that we should give thanks in every situation. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly. So why am I grateful??!

I’m usually the first in my family to celebrate my birthday (3rd March). So firstly  I’m grateful to my maker for the gift of life. Being alive as such a time as this could only be by the grace of God. By the way, early birthday presents are welcome 😀😀

I’m  grateful because In April, my mom turned 50. There was a big party, God provided all that was needed for the turn up. Of course my long throat did not allow me to stay in school. Where there is owambe(party) there you shall find me. 

Fast forward to May, while I was working on my final project. Months before the final defence, just thinking about standing alone before a panel of judges just made me so afraid and my heart would skip a beat everytime I thought about it. I knew it was one of the tricks of the devil, so I started praying against fear and doubt, and I’d put tiny sticky notes of bible texts addressing fear on the walls of my room just to encourage myself .

The day finally came. preparation was really  crazy and my friends and I would rehearse our presentations and present to each other. The tension grew as the clocked ticked, waiting my turn as my other class mates presented. My turn finally came and I’m happy to say that I made it,  I didn’t fumble or stutter like the trailers the devil was playing in my head. Isaiah 50:7  was my word for the season and indeed I was not disgraced or ashamed.

I’m grateful because my sister, my close friends and I all bagged our first degree in July. Some of us made first class and some had second class upper. I know over and over again that God is alive and God is real! My result was no doubt  a miracle (still stoked). The tests I missed, the exams I wasn’t sure of, the tears I cried because I restarted a whole chapter of my project, through it all I still made it. The sleepless nights, the fastings and prayers, the praise and worship even when I was unsure and acted like brother Thomas, God remained faithful.

I’m not going to say my family is perfect because we’re far from perfection..imperfectly perfect is the word. There has been ups  and downs.. Still are… but the fact that every member of my family is alive and well is worth thanksgiving. 

My mom fell ill for a while, as the days passed, it was as if things grew from bad to worse. It looked as if the more we prayed the worse the situation became.  There were times my faith failed me and I kept wondering “God where are you??!?”. At some point  when the doctors said she was going to need surgery. Fear set in, I’m grateful to my amazing friends who prayed with me and encouraged me, and my father in the Lord, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo who’s preachings were right for the season. My father who made heaven and earth orchestrated the Benny Hinn program for me for that trying season. I had made a list of prayer request earlier but the only thing I could actually pray about was  my mother’s health, and that she wasn’t going to need surgery. Fast forward to today, my mom is in good health, no surgery done! Who am I not to be grateful!

I’m grateful that I’m a Nigerian and even in the midst of what people call recession and insecurity  God’s provisions and protection has never ceased over my life, and that of my family and friends. 

No matter how bad things may have been. There’s still something to be thankful for.  I still have a lot to say but I’m not selfish like that,  so I’m giving everyone the opportunity to send in their WIG stories.  You don’t know who’s life you’re going to bless. 

I hope somebody got to the end of this 😂

God bless you all abundantly ❤

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  1. Kabs says:

    This is beautiful 😅😅

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  2. yemi says:

    Woow! This great

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    1. Thank you so much


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