Bad things happen to people on a daily basis, people die, people get sick, families separate, breakups, and chaos etc. Somehow these things affect us all as humans. You might try to act all strong and pretend you really don’t care but deep down inside, you’re breaking. If something really terrible is going on the inside and nobody knows and it’s all smiles on the outside, crying yourself to sleep at night and it’s the same routine on and on, you’re in pain. You really want to be happy but you just don’t know how to be, nobody wants to be unhappy or depressed. Most people have had their own share of pain, some might not be as excruciating as others have it but the difference is how we deal with it. Personally I feel expressing yourself and how you feel at that moment will make you get over the pain quickly, for example ‘crying’ screaming etc, lol wait I’m not talking about expressing yourself by harming yourself or others, what I mean by that is doing something not harmful just to make you feel better. Whoever said tears were a sign of weakness is wrong on all levels and I can’t be the only one who feels better after crying over something. crying doesn’t mean you’re weak infact it’s a sign of strength that you’re not afraid to show your emotions. If you’re struggling with being happy because of a particular person please let me say this with all sincerity, NOBODY is worth your tears tbh, friends come and go, people come and go, the only thing that is constant is change and when things begin to seem as if you’re struggling to fit in, or being friends with a particular person cut them loose because they’d end up hurting you more than you bargained for. You can’t be happy when all you do is constantly try to please people just for them to remain in your life, sometimes you might even feel like compromising your standards just to be accepted by them but really have you even stepped back to ask yourself ‘what’s even the point’. If you’re dating someone that’s constantly abusing you by cheating on you and they come back running and you keep accepting them back because you have come to accept what society is potraying to us that all men cheat, girl you better run, that is not loyalty that’s weakness plus stupidity sorry :/ . If you take that type of mentality into your marriage, will you now be having sleepless nights just because you are scared your husband is somewhere out there cheating? I don’t think so. Being with someone who brings more tears than happiness to you is not worth it at all. You deserve to be happy and if your partner is the source of your constant tears and worry, find a way to move on if not you’re gonna be sad for a long time.
Now let me talk about those friends who make you feel as if they’re doing you a favour by being friends with you, if you happen to have such friends, they are not your ‘friends’. They may be hanging out with you for some reason but they really don’t like you. You find out that they talk behind you, and only seem so interested in your business when they want something from you. You know deep down that they don’t like you but you don’t mind because you’re afraid to walk alone so you just decide it’s better than looking like the weird one. Well everyone should know by now that not everyone will like you and you really can’t force anyone to. You’d meet some certain people that will just hate you for no reason and you keep wondering why. This might sound a little weird but some people don’t like some people because they don’t just like them. They really do not need a reason not to like you. They just don’t like you. Might be hard to accept but some people are just like that. So if you have friends that don’t like you and you know it and you stay around them all the time, not being free to express yourself, always scared of saying something wrong so you just keep it quiet or say only the type of things they’d like to hear, you need to do yourself a favour by letting them be so you don’t completely lose your identity. You’re always so conscious of how you act around them and you can’t just be yourself. If you claim to be friends with people who you can’t be yourself around, they are not your friends. I don’t know what they are but when you have friends who truly like you for who you are you will never ever feel insecure around them. If they constantly do stuff to piss you off they know you’d always come back to them so they still do it anyways, why don’t you shock them this time around by staying away from them. Not saying you should keep malice; just keep them at arm’s length. You should hang out with people who love and accept you as you are. They say friendship is not by force and I know nobody wants to be seen as that friend who nobody really likes but it’s better to walk alone than to stay with fake friends. The feeling of rejection is not a good one at all but once you get over it you’d realize you’re much happier without these people trying to pull you down.
If you want to consider the happenings all around you, it looks as if the world is giving you reasons to be unhappy. There will always be something that’ll try to keep you unhappy but in the end it remains your choice. Even if you have every reason to be sad, look for that one reason to keep you going. You might have lost something but there’s a reason why you haven’t lost everything you got. God is the reason. If you feel hurt, take it to him, when you’re down take it to God. One time something happened to me and all I wanted to do was scream and cry, I couldn’t even find the tears but I was hurting so badly. You know this kind of prayers you just tell God to please take the pain away. After the prayer, I don’t know somehow by the next day the pain was gone. Sometimes all you need to do is tell God to take the pain away. I was thinking to myself one time if God knows the number of strands of hair on our heads then He sure cares about every single thing that concerns us, including our feelings. Not being happy can deprive you from a lot because everything just becomes uninteresting and you just want to be alone and wallow in your silence. Someone said ‘’the thing about pain is that it demands to be felt’’. Totally okay to feel the pain but don’t let it rule your life, choose to be happy.
Well Incase anyone need’s me to pray with them, you can send me a personal message on my facebook page or dm me 🙂


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  1. Abraham says:

    God bless u for this dear


  2. Am truly blessed by this, it’s indeed a word for the season. God bless you and more grace to you in Jesus Name. Amen! You are a bundle of blessings Sis!


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