goodbye fear

No I’ll do it tomorrow, by then I’ll be ready, that’s what you keep telling yourself, tomorrow comes and you finally realize the real reason why you don’t want to do what you really want to do is fear. You see fear would keep you from achieving a whole lot of things. Fear of what people would say? Fear of what people would think? Fear of failing? Fear of being criticized? Fear of not being good enough? Some of these are quite unavoidable so why should you not go ahead and try it out anyways. Fact is whether you do it or not people will always be there to discourage and criticize your every move. I really used to care about what people thought of me until one day I sat down and asked myself why I really cared. People would see the good and the bad in you but would always choose to dwell on the negative aspect so why should you even bother. I heard fear is a feeling, we all have all sort of types of feelings and they usually don’t last forever so if you’re scared of doing a certain thing, do it afraid! Yes I said do it afraid. We all get that nervous “fearful” feeling before every examination or test no matter how well prepared you are but it doesn’t stop you from writing the examination. Lol Just imagine going home to your parents after a semester or session in school and they ask you how your exams went and you told them ‘’mom, dad I was too afraid so I didn’t write my exams’’ we all know how that will end and it’s not going be pretty.  If you’re not going abandon your examinations because you’re afraid why should fear stop you from doing what you really want? We all know the best part of an examination is when it’s over, the feeling of relief and satisfaction cannot be overemphasized! You feel super happy you did what you did and did not back out. Same feeling comes when you do something you’re really scared of doing and you come out just fine. Before I started my blog, I was really bothered about not being good enough, I was afraid of being judged. Then I realized I could never be good for enough for ‘’people’’ and being judged by people would not cease from the surface of the earth. You see even Jesus Christ was perfect but he wasn’t spared so who do you think you are to get preferential treatments from these humans, lol this may sound funny but embrace the criticism  my friend!, most important thing is you should not let it get to you in any way. While they’re busy looking for mistakes and pointing them out to you, you’re working on yourself and getting better every day and you can always thank them later.  If you allow fear be a major stumbling block all you might be left with are regrets, so leave that comfort zone and be who want to be, God has not given you the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 timothy 1:7) isn’t that amazing? What God thinks and says of you should be your motivation. If there’s something you’ve got passion for, a competition you want to participate in, a scholarship you want to apply for, telling someone you love them, asking for forgiveness etc (trying to be as random as possible), whatever it is you want to do, never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game .lol yes I got that line from ‘’A Cinderella story’’ it applies so allow me. Well I hope anyone reading this got to the end of this. (Trying to make my posts as short as possible). Whenever fear tries to raise its ugly head keep reminding yourself of what 2nd timothy 1:7 says and you’ll be fine.

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