SHE: Love Like Fire

 ‘She wanted to be loved, she wanted to be held tightly in her lovers embrace

She wanted  that connection that she had heard everyone talk about 

Not only did she want their hands to connect, she wanted their minds to connect 

So when their eyes met, their hearts knew exactly what it meant.

Her heart burned with passion and longing, one that many waters couldn’t quench .

He gave her all he thought he could, but it felt like a stroke of lightening compared to the wild fire spreading within her.

It wasn’t just enough.

She wanted more.

She wants to be loved wholly.

She wants to be loved fiercely.

She wants to be loved completely.

 She wondered if she awakened love too soon. 

She doubted she could find someone to quench this abyss of emptiness that was about to consume her.

Until she discovered a love that was deeper than hers.

Engulfing  every shame and pain from unfulfilled passion from her ex lovers 

She couldn’t get enough of this newly found addiction

She found His love so deep, so wide, and unashamedly unapologetic. 

She couldn’t get enough, His love filled all her burning passion and longings and even more, it healed her completely.

Everytime she spent together with him, made her realize how much she didn’t deserve the love He gave her.

She couldn’t believe all she ever prayed for, and longed for had always been there. Right in front of her. 

She was determined to never let go, but He reassured her that He’d never let her go.

She failed Him a number of times, so she tried to hide from Him. Guilt and shame almost consumed her. 

But she was reminded of His Undyding love for her, so she always ran back everytime she hurt Him. 

She was reminded by him that not even sin, or pain or shame could keep them apart, nothing could separate them. 

She couldn’t keep this love affair to herself any longer. She wanted everyone to know.

She told everyone about this love she had when they asked her the reason behind her glow. She told anyone who cared to listen. 

She realized some people where just like her old self, stuck on the love that could never satisfy.

She wanted everyone to have the kind of love that had found her. But who would tell them?  

Who would save them from their own selves? She worried. 

But she was reminded by him that he found her, so she rested in His embrace knowing that He’d find the others.’

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  1. Nkem says:

    What an inspiring write-up…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. eedarh says:

    This is beautiful… I could empathize with her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Opy says:

    Just Amazing… 🙌
    Precise words..😀
    Well done girl…!
    Am so proud of you…
    Thanks for the courage to share this beautiful piece…😘😊

    Liked by 1 person

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