ASSUMPTION – Wives & Wives-In-Waiting

Definition of Assumption: "A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, WITHOUT PROOF." This word Assumption, has killed many relationships / friendships that potentially could have budded into something productive...In relationships, when people constantly make assumptions about their spouse / fiancé / boyfriend / girlfriend's behaviour, it slowly begins to kill … Continue reading ASSUMPTION – Wives & Wives-In-Waiting


Marriage is Not Over-rated (WWIW)

Even though I knew marriage was God's design, I used to say: "Marriage is over-rated", due to the negative things I had been privy to see / hear from some married people & on social media. However, one day, the Holy Spirit cautioned me. He explained to me that "Marriage isn't over-rated", but that many … Continue reading Marriage is Not Over-rated (WWIW)

Are you in a Relationship?

Disclaimer : LONG BUT WORTH THE READ So, the title of this article is a question about your relationship status. Now, I am not talking about a relationship with a Man/Woman rather, I am referring to your "Relationship with the Most High God". This relationship is so crucial and paramount in the life of every … Continue reading Are you in a Relationship?

Wives & Wives-in-Waiting (In the Waiting Room)

Picture yourself waiting at the Reception of a Hospital or an Office, waiting for your turn, or waiting for your name to be called out for your long awaited appointment. If the process of waiting takes too long, you may likely start to complain or grumble. However, in the place of waiting, I want to … Continue reading Wives & Wives-in-Waiting (In the Waiting Room)