Relationship Views – By Ellahillz

Whether you're dating, courting or in a relationship, couples (especially new ones) are prone to having issues. But the big question is, "Are You dating, courting or marrying right?  Like they say, do not wash your dirty linens in public, but in the same light, do not give a false impression of living a rosy [...]

Posting Details of Your Relationship on Social Media (WWIW) 

Just because you have made little progress, doesn't mean you need to announce it to the whole world. Ladies, I know we get excited sometimes but please let's us keep luscious details of our relationships off the social media. Yes, I know you have a man now but must all your social media apps know [...]

Things You Should Do To maximize Your Single Season

I used to hear people say ‘’don’t awaken love until it so pleases.” I did not understand what exactly that meant until I fell in love prematurely. From what I know now, I think love is something we ought to prepare for, and not jump into. Don’t get me wrong, I love relationships and all [...]

Dear Wives and Wives in waiting- GIVE HIM SOME SPACE (WWIW)

Sometimes, when a lady is not in a relationship and doesn't have many friends, she could get lonely if she doesn't engage her mind in other entertaining / profitable activities and that's understandable. However, there are a lot of ladies who are generally very "needy / clingy", that they feel a man is the solution [...]