The Beauty of ShrinkageΒ 

There is beauty in imperfection Been a while I did a natural hair post and I thought why not, because I'm loving the look of my hair right now. A few people see shrinkage as a curse but I see it as a blessing in disguise.  Just because my hair looks short doesn't mean it [...]

7 Reasons why your Natural Hair should grow

I was going to say 7 reasons why your natural hair is not growing, but lets put a bit of positivity into the mix yeah? πŸ˜‚ DEEP CONDITION YOUR HAIR I won't say this natural hair journey has been a smooth ride, I have expereinced  breakage at some point, still do, but when my hair [...]

Basics of Deep Conditioning ( 4 Simple Steps)

People are always fascinated by the look and feel of my hair. The secret to achieving this is through consistent deep conditioning. This  basic DIY treatment is something anyone can achieve. When I discovered deep conditioning, my hair texture not only improved, but the level of hair breakage I experienced reduced to a minimum. Hence, [...]

How To Go Natural (Hair) Without Breaking Your Bank Account

I fell in love with the natural hair look two years before I went natural. I stalled so many times before I finally put my fears aside, and made the best decision that changed my hair forever. I was a bit reluctant because my relaxed hair was really long (maybe not so long but I [...]