How I Got Rid of Dandruff || Dudu-Osun

Hello guys, welcome again to my blog. Thank you all for all the comments, likes, and all the support on my posts. You all have been super amazing. Back in 2013/2014 before I had my big chop, I had very terrible dandruff. I don't know it got there or why it happened, but it was [...]


Two Years Natural – 30 Lessons I Have Learned

Hello lovelies ! Welcome back to my blog. I'm very excited because today makes it two years since I had my big chop. Hence today is my 4C natural hair anniversary. Based on my experience so far, there are a few lessons I've learned in the course of growing strong and healthy hair. I will [...]

Questions About Natural Hair

So I decided to do a quick Question and Answer session. Most questions came from my facebook page. These are some of the questions that were asked and answers that could help. Enjoy 🍷 Question What do I do about super tough hair, I have my coconut oil though? Answer From the way the question [...]

7 Reasons why your Natural Hair should grow

I was going to say 7 reasons why your natural hair is not growing, but lets put a bit of positivity into the mix yeah? 😂 DEEP CONDITION YOUR HAIR I won't say this natural hair journey has been a smooth ride, I have expereinced  breakage at some point, still do, but when my hair [...]

Basics of Deep Conditioning ( 4 Simple Steps)

People are always fascinated by the look and feel of my hair. The secret to achieving this is through consistent deep conditioning. This  basic DIY treatment is something anyone can achieve. When I discovered deep conditioning, my hair texture not only improved, but the level of hair breakage I experienced reduced to a minimum. Hence, [...]

How To Go Natural (Hair) Without Breaking Your Bank Account

I fell in love with the natural hair look two years before I went natural. I stalled so many times before I finally put my fears aside, and made the best decision that changed my hair forever. I was a bit reluctant because my relaxed hair was really long (maybe not so long but I [...]