How Appreciative Are You Of The Process

The walk with God is easy when the blessings are in abundance . We call God our father but deep down most of us treat him like a blessing machine; and we say our 'thank you' prayers because everything is going great. When he needs to get you to a whole new level, He knows … Continue reading How Appreciative Are You Of The Process


ASSUMPTION – Wives & Wives-In-Waiting

Definition of Assumption: "A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, WITHOUT PROOF." This word Assumption, has killed many relationships / friendships that potentially could have budded into something productive...In relationships, when people constantly make assumptions about their spouse / fiancé / boyfriend / girlfriend's behaviour, it slowly begins to kill … Continue reading ASSUMPTION – Wives & Wives-In-Waiting

Marriage is Not Over-rated (WWIW)

Even though I knew marriage was God's design, I used to say: "Marriage is over-rated", due to the negative things I had been privy to see / hear from some married people & on social media. However, one day, the Holy Spirit cautioned me. He explained to me that "Marriage isn't over-rated", but that many … Continue reading Marriage is Not Over-rated (WWIW)

Are you in a Relationship?

Disclaimer : LONG BUT WORTH THE READ So, the title of this article is a question about your relationship status. Now, I am not talking about a relationship with a Man/Woman rather, I am referring to your "Relationship with the Most High God". This relationship is so crucial and paramount in the life of every … Continue reading Are you in a Relationship?