I got featured on a friend’s blog, yay!! That is Fadekesays.com, and I’m really excited about this. If you’re a new follower, you’ll learn a few things about me, Fisayo Adeyemi. Please read, commet and don’t forget to follow Fadekemi, she posts amazing content. Don’t miss out.


Hi people of fadekesays land! Haha, is that a thing?

My name is Fisayo Adeyemi, sometimes Fadeke calls me Fiffs.

So if you asked me the “who are you?” question, I’ll say I’m fun, inquisitive and I like to try new things, especially things that challenge me physically and intellectually.


But there’s more…

I’m a blogger and I blog at http://www.fisayoade.com. I started my blog as a means of escape from the real world, I just had the desire to let it all out and from there I realized that it was more than just an escape, it was real. Real people followed me, real people get blessed by my words and it became more than just a hobby. What fuels me now is knowing I can encourage someone, regardless of where or who they are. The world is already a toxic place, being able to reach hundreds of people…

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