Lessons From The Book: Rebirth

Hello guys,

Happy November, apologies for the inconsistency last month. October was such a stressful month, I had so much on my plate, mostly from relocating back to Abuja. Yup, I’m back in my family house. Well that’s a story for another day.

I read the book rebirth a few weeks ago ( yes this post is long overdue ) and I learned so much from it. This book was written by the gorgeous Juliana Olayode, she shared her ‘ grass to grace’ story. I felt anger, pain and joy while reading this book, I think I shed a tear at some point.


There were so many other lessons from this book, however I think these are the ones that stood out the most for me.

  • God can lift anyone anytime

Of course I’ve always known this, but it was a reminder that God can actually come through for you when or how you least expect it. So do not box God. The day her friend invited her for the Auditions that turned her life around, I’m not sure she knew that was the beginning of a turn around for her.

  • While you’re waiting, be ready

I know the God factor was involved but this made me see things differently, what if Juliana wasn’t active in church while she was waiting for admission? What if she totally neglected her acting  talent? It’s important to be ready for opportunities. What people call luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

  • Somethings aren’t always how they seem

So when this book was published, lol I already had a biased mind towards it because somehow I believed the rumours about the author which she clarified in the book. Give people a chance to prove themselves because everything you see on the internet isn’t the truth. Selah.

  • Family aren’t only people you’re related to by blood 

Reading this book made me realise how important it is to build the right relationships. By family, I do not only mean people who you’re related to by  blood. There are certain relationships God will bring your way, those are the relationships you must cherish and build because in the days of trials, those are the people who will stand by you. I admired how Juliana’s friends and family stood by her even when she faced the bashing on social media, everyone needs that kind of support system

  • Everyone goes through a process 

I would never have thought Juliana had such horrible experiences while growing up ; the poverty, the abuse, the rejection etc. Everything you may be going through may not all be Gods plan, but God has a way of turning the mess into a message.

  • Sometimes your story isn’t for you only

After reading the whole book, I began to see Juliana in a different light, I followed her on instagram, read the testimonies of people her book has helped, at such a young age, she’s already touching lives and inspiring people all over the world. What if she never experienced any of this? What if her story wasn’t this peculiar? Your life story may save another soul.

Have you read the Rebirth? if you have, what are your thoughts on it ? If you haven’t, will you consider reading it? You should give it a try.

Thanks for reading.

Fisayo ❤




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  1. Toya says:

    Hey there! So good to have you back! I have not read this book but it seems like a very important book to read. I will add this book to my list! Thank you!


    1. Awwn. Thank you! It really is a good book, and you are welcome x


  2. Ozioma Paul says:

    Go to have you back Fifi! 🙂
    I must read this book o… I follow her on social media and I like that she is impacting people… Thanks for sharing this 🙂


    1. You must o. It’s a great book! Thanks for reading b. Love and Light x


  3. True talk God can lift anyone up at anytime and you can never overemphasize the importance of having true friendships. Wether we like it or not we need people, A lot of people are depressed because they don’t have people they can express their deep feelings without any judgement.
    Nice one Fisayo 👍🏼


    1. Yay! I have a new comer here. Thanks a lot for going out of your way babe. And you’re right, we all need friendships. I really really appreciate your friendship ❤


  4. 🌹V.O.L says:

    Haven’t heard of the book but I’ve always admired Juliana. She carries herself with such grace. Thanks for summarising the book, some inspiring thoughts ✨


    1. Awwn, I’m glad you found it inspiring, and you’re right. Juliana is so graceful! Thank you for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Prisca says:

    I have read the book and I can practically relay where you are coming from. The book is filled with so much hope about how God works behind the scenes in our favour. Am so in love with Juliana and I love her carriage. It was a nice review fifi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwn. Thanks! And yes God is constantly working behind the scenes 🤗


  6. Fadekesays says:

    These were my exact thoughts too after reading the book last year. (Aka you are stale!! How are you just reading it? 😂) Anyways, I also shed a tear no. I cried! 😂. I was also biased because of the rumors but thank God I gave her a chance. The book was amazing. It actually changed alot of people’s lives.


    1. I know 😩😩. Yes, the testimonies keep rolling in! We should give people more chances to prove themselves tbh. Thank you for reading boo 😘


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