Building A Good Hair Care Routine


Hello guys,

Happy October ( I hope it’s not too late )

So I had the opportunity to share my knowledge on a natural hair class hosted by Vanessa of , she did a super amazing job. Well done vanessa! I spoke on building a good a hair care routine. It just hit me that they’re still lots of people who are clueless still in this natural hair world, so because I’m generous like that, I’ve decided to share my notes with a larger audience lol.


So let’s get right into it ;

Having a good hair care routine can change your hair game from like 0-100, can I get an Amen? The key to building a good hair care routine is to be intentional, it’s important to pay attention to your schedule. Are you the busy type or you have all the time in the world ? ( I doubt anyone does except you’re a baby ) so build you hair care process around your schedule. What works for you is key here.


For a beginner, I recommend that you stick to the basics. Once you can master the basics, you’ll always know what to do and at that point you can spice it up all you want.

When building a hair care regimen, note that you must invest; You have to invest in;

1. Necessary products ( necessary because honestly some products are unnecessary)

When I started my natural hair journey, I was far from being a product junkie, don’t even ask about now 🙆😂, but I had the basics. The first six months of my natural hair journey, I had no shampoo. I used Dudu Osun ( black soap) to wash my scalp because I had a terrible case of dandruff, and I really wanted to focus on getting rid of it. And it worked ( If you’re suffering from this, you can try it out, I’m not guarantying anything, I guess there’s no harm in trying ), I blogged about that here


  • Basics Products

1. A shampoo and conditioner
2. A leave in conditioner.
3. A deep conditioner.
4. Oils


  • Right tools

1. Hair clips
2. Wide tooth comb
3. Spray bottle
4. Hair brush
5. Hair packs/bands
6. Bobby pins

In order not to struggle, having these tools at your disposal will make your journey a lot easier.


The process ;

  • Preepoo
  • Detangling
  • Shampooing
  • Conditioning
  • Deep conditioning
  • Moisturizing



A Pre-poo is a treatment you apply to your hair prior to adding shampoo or conditioner. A prepoo usually protects your hair from dryness i.e you lose less moisture when you preepoo. I usually go for just oils mostly because I’m trying to be careful and I don’t want to make wash day any more complicated. You can read all about my experience with a banana recipe preepoo.



I always finger detangle before I use a wide tooth comb because it reduces excessive breakage and its a lot easier. I usually detangle with Aunt Jackies knot on watch when my hair is clean but in a tangled state, and I use a range of other conditioners as long as they’ve got great slip. My favourite is the vo5 conditioners, they’ve got great slip, cheap and very effective. Sometimes, I like to be creative and mix all the conditioner’s I have for a good detangling session. Always detangle from root to top, always detangle before washing you hair and detangle whenever you need to.


Shapooing and Conditioning

Yall know the drift, avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulphates because they will totally dry out your hair. Sulphates are very strong detergents, and they’re great for stripping the oils from your hair lol. They’re a bunch of other things, you can google them later. Always scrub your scalp to free it of build up and use a conditioner afterwards.


Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is the plug. And its so easy because there are lots of DIY recipies, and very affrordable deep conditioners. I’ll recommend deep conditioning once a week or twice a week. I currently use Afro by nature, olive and I do a bunch of DIY’s. Check out my DIY Avocado and coconut Hair masque here. You can also read about the basics of deep conditioning if you’re feeling lost.



This is so key to retaining length. You can moisturise your hair using the LOC or LCO method. If you hair is high in porosity, you’ll need to moisturise more frequently. I have always warned against using only oils to moisturise your hair, it will do the job but in a couple of hours time, the little water you have in your hair will evaporate and it will leave your hair very dry. For me, a leave in conditioner is so important not just because I’m trying to retain length but because I’m allergic to dry hair, so I’m in constant search for a daily leave in conditioner, I will probably do a review on the current leave in’s I have and the one’s I’m loving. You should follow me on instagram @fisayoade for live updates and first hand information.

Building a good hair routine might seem strange at first, but over time you will get a hang of it. Don’t be scared to explore and incorporate healthy hair habits like protecting your hair with a silk scarf at night, avoiding excess manipulation and feeding your hair all its nutrients. Your hair will thank you in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or contributions, kindly leave a comment below.

Note: Sleekbun was achieved using Afrobynature Curlmaker



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  1. Debs says:

    Thanks you Fisayo for always serving us great hair tips. I’m currently loosing my cornrows and I think I may need to prepoo or do a deep conditioning later today. This hair will sure need it and it’s about time I get a good moisturizer and oils. I’ve only been using Shea butter and Cantu leave in conditioner.



    1. Girll! you better. I’ve used cantu leave in a couple of times, its really amazing too but they’re lots of fakes so you have to be careful. Thanks a lot Debby ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Seky says:

    Your hair is beautiful and healthy. I’m definitely taking these tips to heart!


    1. Thanks alot 🤗☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Vanessa says:

    Thanks a lot Fisayo for being so generous, I just read this and I must say you’re amazing. The truth remains that even if we feel like this natural hair community is already saturated, there’s still a lot of work to be done, some people don’t even know what it means to deep condition their hair, but we’ll keep pushing and teaching as many as we can.


    1. Awwn. Thanks for the opportunity to share Vanessa. God bless you 🤗🤗


  4. alaysha says:

    Great tips, your hair is beautiful


  5. Sophie Wobilo says:

    This is December 2018 and this is still very helpful. Thank you so much for this post Fisayo❤


    1. You’re welcome boo 😘


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