Living In The Moment

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog, if you’re new here, you’re welcome 😘. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on something that affects most all of us, so keep reading 😋.

Isn’t it crazy how many of us think about our past and worry so much about our future that we forget to live in the moment? We often forget that we’re creating our futures and moulding our past by the decisions we make in the ‘moment. ‘

It’s only natural to feel this way especially when you’ve been programmed to think that the ‘future’ is some mystical goal that will be achieved one day forgetting that you should live your best life now. Yes, we’ve all been there, never enjoying what we have now because we feel there will always be a ‘Later ‘. I’m not here to discourage you from planning for the future, I’m only here to tell you to think about the ‘now’ because it counts.

We get so carried away because we’re always in pursuit of the next big thing that we often neglect the people we love, and sadly ourselves too. When was the last time you were actively in the moment during that family time out without thinking about how you have better things to do with your time? When will you ever truly live your life?

I remember how badly I wanted to secondary school to end, dreaming about how I’ll finally get my freedom, lol not knowing adulthood is a scam. When I finally got into the university, I couldn’t really enjoy much of my 100- 200 first semester because I was already making statements like “I can wait to graduate.”

One day, the Holy Spirit cautioned me that if I continued that way, I will not get the best out of life. I’ll just wake up one day and realize I never truly lived or enjoyed my life. Sad. After that time, I started making conscious effort to enjoy each phase and season of my life.

I read an Instagram post that struck a chord in me, it was from Asakemi, one the bloggers I deeply admire, do check out her blog. In her post, she talked about how we should embrace each season and truly live. We keep praying for God to take the pain away, little did we know the pain was only to refine us and make us stronger.

Stop praying and wishing seasons away, live them – Asakemi

Life is in phases and seasons, hence we must learn to embrace every phase regardless of how we feel. I’m really excited about the gratitude challenge on Instagram because I feel it allows us to reflect on our past and truly appreciate our moments. When you start appreciating every moment of your life, you become a lot happier and content with where you are. If you’re struggling with living ‘your’ moment, its important to be on guard of your thoughts and actions. A friend said this to me recently:

If we can defeat fantasy and enjoy reality… we master glorifying the real God.

I hope this post truly encourages you to own and live your life regardless of what season you’re in. Please let me know your thoughts on this, thank you for reading .

Fisayo 🖤


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  1. Really motivational post, we really need to try to live in the now and stop worrying so much about the past and future:) love the photos❤️


    1. Thanks a lot! I’m glad you found this helpful 😘

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  2. Prisca says:

    This was fabulous.


    1. Thanks dear. Appreciate the feedback


  3. Al says:

    Great piece. I love what your friend said, very wise guy/girl that your friend.

    We have so clouded with an idea the future is the far fetched we don’t realise that the future is the next second, the next minute, next hour, next day, week, month etc…

    The decision we make right now both spiritual and human, keeps a smile on the next moment or causes pain. There’s no spectacular waiting in the vague future that living in the moment couldn’t produce.

    So don’t be deceived into believing that enjoying the moment takes away your control of tomorrow.

    Enjoy the moment and believe you parents, uncles, aunties, big friends when the tell you they wish they could go back in time and just live life. They are in their future, all their hot pursuit for the future lander them was regrets of not living their moments.

    Best of luck folks.


    1. Spot on! Thanks a lot for your contribution. And yes, that my friend is wise 😁


  4. Really loved and appreciated this post! I think praying and wishing seasons away can be sinful in a way. We are essentially discontent with what God has given us. Living in seasons is living in absolute contentment and that is what we are called to do.

    Wishing you all the best as you embrace this season and the many to come

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    1. Wow. I’m glad you loved it. May God give us all the strength we need to pass through difficult seasons and the peace of mind, health and freedom to enjoy beautiful seasons. Thank you so much for stopping by 💕


  5. Ozioma Paul says:

    Whao! This is so true on many levels…. Funny how this is one of the things God has been teaching me in this season… how to truly LIVE and not be obsessed by the future.. because the future will come when it will. While we await this future, we enjoy the ‘now’

    Thank you Fisayo for this beautiful post 🙂


    1. You’re welcome, I’m so glad it resonates with you Oz! May God give us the wisdom to truly live and enjoy life! Amen.

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  6. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for this boo. Really needed to hear it even though these are things I know. But it’s ushlaly so difficult to practice them when you’re in the moment. I’ve been very cranky lately because I’m not happy about the phase I’m currently in. I guess I have to learn to enjoy it whilst picking lessons here and there. Thanks for this girl.


    1. Now that’s the Spirit! And it won’t last forever. You’re coming out better and stronger in Jesus name! Amen.


  7. Thanks dear. Its tempting to want to see what’s ahead. What’s even worse is comparing the present with the past and wishing some things were still the same😢


    1. Our present situation will never be compared to our past in Jesus name! The path to the just is like a shining light! Hold on to that 💕. I’m glad this blessed you.


  8. Consen says:

    I totally agree with living in the moment. Usually we are too busy worrying about tomorrow, taking photos etc and never fully embracing the moment.great post


  9. Conni says:

    I really like this post. It’s true, when we’re young we all say “I can’t wait to be an adult”, not realising that we are wishing away some of the best moments of our lives (and that adulthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be haha). I find that when I live in the moment, those are the memories I remember clearly later on. Like when I took a holiday and didn’t use my phone the entire week. I remember that holiday more vividly than I do others where I was constantly connected. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to live in the now! 😀 x


    1. Wow! I’m happy you could relate to this! And cheers to living now and in the moment. Thank you Conni 🤗


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