How I Got Rid of Dandruff || Dudu-Osun

Hello guys, welcome again to my blog. Thank you all for all the comments, likes, and all the support on my posts. You all have been super amazing.

Back in 2013/2014 before I had my big chop, I had very terrible dandruff. I don’t know it got there or why it happened, but it was very disturbing.

I’d make protective hairstyles, then my hair was relaxed, and within a week, it would start itching. If I shook my head, the flakes would drop on my shoulders. It got so annoying and embarrassing. I tried various anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner but they seemed to worsen the condition. I was very upset about it. I searched online for remedies but non of them seemed to help.

My amazing friend Folake Onirun recommended DUDU OSUN soap to me right before I went natural. Check out her channel and subscribe too. She has amazing videos for natural hair and there’s currently a giveaway going on. So I thought to myself “black soap”? okay lol. I was desperate enough to try anything. After my big chop, all I used to wash my hair for about six months was Dudu Osun, this is a soap made from natural tropical ingredients such as honey, Shea butter, limejuice, aloe Vera etc. Apart from the fact that this soap smells really good, it’s also very affordable. I think another thing that helped me was the fact that my hair wasn’t in weaves like they used to be, so I got to wash almost everyday and my hair had enough air to breathe 😁. So there was absolutely no chance for my hair to get flaky with my natural hair regimen at that time.

Been two years natural and since then, I’ve been dandruff free. Nevertheless I’m not insisting that this product will work for you but there’s no harm in trying. You should be able to get this soap at any local shop or market, better still order on Jumia. I really do hope this post was helpful.

Has anyone tried Dudu Osun soap for hair care? What was your experience with it?

Fisayo ❀


12 thoughts on “How I Got Rid of Dandruff || Dudu-Osun

  1. Its funny bc my parents always had oshe dudu laying around when I was younger that I didn’t appreciate it but now that I’m older & away from home I def want it! I think I’ll give this a shot as a replacement for my shampoo that’s almost finished anyway.

    Thanks for sharing! xx

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