Getting Back Up ?

One thing we should always know as children of God is that our relationship and fellowship life with God will be attacked because the devil won’t just sit there and let you live a life that is pleasing to God.

That being said, we should also never be unaware that the devil has tricks and schemes he uses to deceive believers. At the beginning of this month, I was so excited about the month. From my July goals you could see that I made plans to make my prayer life a priority. I was very pumped up about it, my friend was helping me through this process, and the first two weeks was really great. I was excited, waking up really early to seek God’s face is just really beautiful. Nothing beats that.

Things went on pretty fine until I did something I shouldn’t have done, and that sudden guilt rushed over me, I mean I knew better, and I totally blamed myself for my situation. First thing I noticed was that I didn’t expect myself to fall for something that ‘easily ‘. I could have easily passed but I didn’t. See the bible also has something to say about that

A week went by and getting back up proved really tough, yes I felt bad, I had repented, I thought I had moved on but I hadn’t. I was still praying but it felt different, like I wasn’t really connecting. I was doing my usual bible study, but I still didn’t feel good. I had looked up bible texts the following day and kept meditating over them, that was me being reactive. As children of God we should always be proactive. This is something my pastor always says.

I think some of us go through this every now and then and all you feel like doing is slapping yourself right in the face for making such a stupid mistake. I kept on asking myself for days, “what on earth was I thinking!” 😂. This experience helped me remember that I’m human, and I should never depend on myself but on the Holy Spirit. Maybe somewhere in my subconscious I was dependent on myself and a bit self righteous.

In the midst of everything, I had to remind myself of my identity in Christ and God that loves me regardless. It’s human to want to wallow in self pity and guilt but remember that’s not where you belong. Feeling like running away and making things right on your own is human but remember that you’re not condemned by God because He loves you like crazy.

Remember the story of the prodigal son? All the father wanted was for his son to come back home, and there the son was rehearsing what he was going to say to daddy.

Are you rehearsing what you’re going to say to Daddy? Don’t keep him waiting, he’s waiting to hear from you.

The christian life is like a race, you may hit a few bumps on the way, you may fall, but never forget to keep running

I’m also thankful for the friends God has given me, being able to share your deepest worries and they literally snap you out of silliness with the word of God. Sometimes all you need is that friend that just reminds of you what you already know.

This article actually reminds me of something similar I wrote months ago, titled “God is not mad at you.” Do check it out. I should go back to read my own write up sometimes 😊.

I could have easily told y’all the reason I’ve been away was because I’ve been busy. I am busy but not that busy, just thought someone else might be going through something similar and may need some kind of encouragement. If this blessed you, I’d love to see your comments.

Stay blessed ❤


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  1. Pringshak M. says:

    I relate with this so much. Bless you dear.

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  2. JIDE says:

    Awesome writeup. When we mess up the devil condemns us and makes sure he makes it about our person not the action. While God reminds us about our righteousness and makes us see that ‘yeah we messed up’ but thats not the real us.

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    1. That’s not the real us! Absolutely


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