I am fine (WWIW)

When a woman is upset and you ask her if she is okay & she says; “I am fine” 👩🏻(especially with a harsh tone or an angry look on her face), she is NOT fine. Please, Please, Please; our darling men, this is not the time to ignore her or leave her. 🤦🏻‍♀Possibly go next to her, try to hug her and cheer her up. Or if it is over the phone and you sense that the “I’m fine” is fake☺, in a calm tone; ask her to please tell you what’s wrong, or make her feel better in a way you know she won’t be able to resist smiling (e.g- singing for her or telling her something sweet). However, if you know in your heart, that you are the reason she is upset because of something you did or said; Uncle, please say you are sorry; it won’t take anything from you but it will simply bring peace into the situation.

However Ladies, this doesn’t mean we should always use the fake “I’m fine” statement every time, some men can be care-free and they’ll say; “Ok cool” or “you’ll calm down when you are ready”🙄, so don’t over do it. To be honest, I have done it before but it is never a recurring thing because I am growing and I have learnt to say how I feel rather than pretend & when I do, I try to apply wisdom. So ladies, even though you are upset, please find a way to express how you feel to him; he is not psychic and you know we ladies can be a hard book to read sometimes, especially when we don’t want to be☺,Lol. Overall, please express how you truly feel to your man without shouting or being childish; mature men don’t have time for drama, so do small “shakara / posing” if you have to but tell him how you feel, after all, he should be your best friend. And men, please we are not perfect, so be patient with us, be sensitive to our feelings / emotions, study your lady’s moods & deal with her with knowledge (1 Peter 3:7) and you will get the best of her.
The Lord is your strength.😉



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