Hello dear readers, how I have missed you all and sharing my thoughts with you all. Okay straight away to the fiat for the day, so we all know the importance of constant or frequent upgrade of our devices; this is to ensure it complies with the existing operating system otherwise it may shut down eventually or it becomes very ineffective. 
Why then do you think a consistent upgrade isn’t important for your business or lives generally? The truth is there is always someone who does it better than you, a new technique to be used, a different approach to what you know, a 21st century compliant application, and so on. Taking that training, course, mentorship program, seminar, reading that book, joining that business class will ensure you are on top of your game. I have been away because I was on a training and I can tell you my mind was blown away, the product reviews at the class opened my eyes to so many things. Did I know some of the things I was taught? Yes, I knew a lot of it but I learned a more sophisticated method of doing what I used to do. 

So darling, take a step today and upgrade your system. It will require funds, commitment and discipline (I struggle sometimes with discipline I must confess) but it will all be worth it. 

Please share your upgrade story with us all, till I share our of your time again. Stay productive 



2 thoughts on “UPGRADING!

  1. Where is the LOVE button? I really enjoyed this blog post. How true it is that we need upgrades in our lives. That got me to thinking about some of the cultural “norms” in our societies that need upgrading because they no longer fit or are relevant. Some upgrades I am doing in my personal life are changing the way I cook and eat. It is necessary for me if I am to be healthier. Another upgrade I am doing in my life is taking a few courses that will enhance my business and also develop me personally.

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