Wives & Wives-in-Waiting (In the Waiting Room)


Picture yourself waiting at the Reception of a Hospital or an Office, waiting for your turn, or waiting for your name to be called out for your long awaited appointment. If the process of waiting takes too long, you may likely start to complain or grumble. However, in the place of waiting, I want to encourage us not to fall under the ‘Complaining Anointing’. Instead, I want us to remember that we are not the only one in the Waiting Room, thus let us endeavor to be patient, because no matter how much we worry, grumble or murmur, we won’t get called for the appointment unless it’s our turn. In fact, in God’s Waiting Room, the more you complain, the more you remain, but if you are thankful to have been counted worthy to be “next in line”, then wait with a joyful heart, be happy for those who have left the waiting room before you, be thankful in the process and in no time, it will be your turn.

I was led by the Holy Spirit to write on this to encourage us, because, a lot of us are waiting for one thing or the other. On the other hand, most of us do not like Waiting, we forget to see that what seems to be a “Painful & Slow Waiting Room”, is actually “God’s Training Room”. Therefore, let us resist the spirit of Complaining and receive the blessings of the Training. While you wait, read books & other materials given to you in the reception/ waiting room, meditate on them and discuss with fellow “waiters”, stay thankful, joyful and grateful and enjoy the process. Whatever phase you find yourself in life, whether waiting for a Husband/Wife/Child/Job/Finance/Good News etc. Keep your faith and Keep your Joy, you will need it. Also, while you wait, get busy in your purpose, focus on God’s Word and of course, your life’s assignment, so much that you don’t even realize you were waiting. Notice that at the airport, everyone’s flight; destination, time of arrival/ departure is different, so don’t compare yourself with others, just stay in your seat and wait for your flight to be called.

Remember that God has to teach you somethings before He takes you to the next phase of your life. He needs to give you the strength for where you are going, so receive it whilst waiting. The Bible says, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”…Isaiah 40:31. The word WAIT in Greek is PERIMENO. Meaning- To be Steady / To Remain, regardless of the obstacles involved. On the other hand, many have rushed to embark on the wrong journey because they do not want to wait. They get on the wrong flight, hoping to take off but because God knows there will be a turbulence on that flight, God cancels the flight and makes them wait for a new flight that has been scheduled to take them to their destination….SELAH.

To conclude, let us learn to trust God whilst in the Waiting Room. Even though waiting may seem like a long & boring process, in the end, it will work together for our good because waiting teaches us Appreciation. For instance, when some of us get things quickly without hassle, we don’t appreciate it, but when we Wait / Long for something, Praying to God about it, Fasting and Sowing Seeds towards it, when we finally have what we want, we appreciate it a whole lot, because we went through a process. Thus waiting teaches us to appreciate what we finally receive. Therefore, let us see the WAITING Room as a TRAINING Room, and let us give Thanks to GOD whilst in the Waiting Room of life, very soon, our names will be called out and it will be our turn to be Celebrated.
May God help us all in JESUS mighty name, Amen.

I Love you all and God bless you xoxo





8 thoughts on “Wives & Wives-in-Waiting (In the Waiting Room)

  1. “They get on the wrong flight, hoping to take off but because God knows there will be a turbulence on that flight, God cancels the flight and makes them wait for a new flight that has been scheduled to take them to their destination….SELAH.”
    This part really stood out to me.
    God bless you sis

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