So Far So Good 

So about how my July goals, for today, I’ll talk about the prayer aspect! It’s been so amazing, I feel weak on some mornings and other mornings, I feel really sleepy. But the trick is to get up from the bed! Don’t close your eyes for a second. I know I’m not doing this in my own strength, so if you’re struggling with weakness in the morning , ask God for strength, and it will be made available to you. 

I promised I was going to share a few things from the 7 Days of Glory program currently going on at my church. Day one to three has been really uplifting and this is really pushing me beyond limits, we fast throughout the seven days and meet at church every evening
Day one my senior pastor, pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo preached and the message was basically on the need to never cease praying! I just knew I couldn’t hold back on the prayer goals. Day two and three, we had one of the guest pastors preach, all the way from Houston Texas USA, no other people but pastor Keion Henderson! I’m not of the word to describe this anointed man of God! But man! The messages have been mind blowing! Here are a few quotes I extracted from what I’ve learned in the last two days.  

  • God will never bless who you pretend to be! 
  • You gotta learn how to fight and pray 
  • Before God will use you, you gotta start developing at the back side; The key is not to get discouraged in the back side! 
  • If everything in your life is not in order then it means God ain’t done with you
  • If you don’t exercise your authority you jeopardize the future 
  • Stop waiting on God to give you something you gotta go take it! 
  • You can’t help the poor if you’re one of them. 
  • When you don’t pray you’re positioning yourself as a prey. 
  • Prayer is your advantage 

      I’ll share more on this later 😊.  How are your July goals coming? 

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      1. Ope says:

        There is something I totally adore about this writer and blogger, it’s not only the fact that she writes good but the ability she possesses in carrying readers along and helping them. She makes it practical and lets readers in on the struggles she faces with a goal she is trying to achieve and most importantly, a way to overcome this struggles. You really are indeed a light to this generation. God bless you.

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        1. Wow! Thank you. I just teared reading this. Thank you for your kind words Ope ❤


      2. TheFallibleQueen says:

        This right here….” When you don’t pray you’re positioning yourself as a prey.” speaking truth. I definitely have my moments where I want to sleep in but I remind myself that it isn’t all about me and what I want. My July goals are off to a slow start but one of my main goals was to be consistent with exercising and I have done that, now I need to work on blog posts, taking some time out for fun and doing well in school.

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        1. Wow!! You’re doing well. Well done dear 👏

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          1. TheFallibleQueen says:

            Thank you! It’s all by God’s grace.

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