To be honest, it takes special grace and patience that has a Ph.D, to deal with in laws, especially when they don’t like you. However, when you have a good one, appreciate them often. On this note, I urge our Mummies / Daddies to be nice and warm to their sons / daughters-in-law who their child genuinely loves and has brought home to be their spouse, especially when they are nice and respectful. Don’t look down on them because of their family pedigree. At the end of the day, your child loves them and S/He has probably been accepted on the other side with Love, so Sir / Ma, please be nice. Imagine if Naomi in the bible wasn’t good to her daughters in-law, they won’t have offered to follow her to her hometown, even after her sons died. 

Also Big Sisters, please be nice to your baby brother’s wife; he is a Big Man now and he has made his decision, so please support him and don’t bully the girl. Imagine if you had a daughter and someone bullied her too, you won’t like it. In-laws in general; don’t be mean, it cost nothing to be nice. Besides, what goes around; comes around.

Now, for the ladies who run their mouth rudely at their in laws, please stop this; you won’t like it if someone did that to your parents. If your inlaw doesn’t like you, just take them to God in prayer; the heart of Kings are in His heart (Proverbs 21:1). Besides, your man should be the one defending you before them, so just apply wisdom. Stay away if you have to but don’t be arrogant or rude to your Parents-in-law, at the end of the day, they gave birth to your Husband. Although some Mothers-in-laws can be a handful, just maintain peace as much as you can or stay away. One day, you’ll also be a mother-in-law, so simply sow good seeds now, you will reap it later.

 And for the Wives who have been bullied by in-laws because they are waiting to have children of their own, I pray for you that very soon, God will give you a testimony that will shut the mouth of your mockers. I decree & declare that you are fruitful and God will give you children as a reward, God will also give you the wisdom to deal with the situation as well as every mocker in & out of your family and may God make you a great example of a Mother & future Mother-in-law someday, in Jesus name, amen. 
WIVES & WIVES-IN-WAITING; the Lord is your strength.


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