Live Peaceably With All Men 

If it is possible, as much as it depends on you, live peaceably with all MEN. -Romans 12:18 [NKJV]

You see ladies, even the Bible knows that “men” value peace in their home, more than anything else, Lol😆…Okay, that was a joke! but on a more serious note ladies; Men place a high value on peace in their relationship, so let us endeavour to be peaceful Wives / Wives-in-Waiting (WWIW), even when we are upset with our Husbands / Husbands-in-Waiting (HHIW). Notwithstanding, both men / women, should learn how to table out issues wisely and subsequently resolve them in peace, because when there is peace; there won’t be any need for the neighbours / social media to hear about your fights. There won’t be any need for people to pass comments or judge you; while they act like they don’t argue with their spouses in their own homes too. But when you resolve your relationship/ marital issues peacefully, people won’t know your business. Selah!

A few weeks ago, a mentor / friend of mine who has been married for about 25 years told me a few things about marriage and as he advised me on having a peaceful home; he said-“Men cherish peace in their home a lot, so even on the days you are not in a happy mood, still ‘maintain the peace’ in your home.” So WIW, as we are preparing for marriage, let us have a conscious mindset that we will always make sure that our Husbands are not scared to come home after work because they are afraid that there will be complaints / arguments. Also our darling HHIW, please, be more affectionate and patient with your WWIW, stop blaming her for everything, also give her peace, appreciate her and show her some love. Above all ladies, let us endeavour to be Peaceful Wives even when we are upset. I know it takes a lot of strength but please ladies, let us apply wisdom and make sure that our home is a peaceful and joyful haven, and let us live peaceably with all men. (Now, I don’t just mean the male gender)😉The Lord is our strength.



8 thoughts on “Live Peaceably With All Men 

  1. That’s “men” meaning “humankind”; the verses asks both men and women to live peaceably with other men and women, regardless of religion, race, national origin, gender, etc.
    As far as it depends upon you, live at peace with everyone else. It’s not meant to be a verse that is talking about the marriage relationship, but every relationship with everyone else.

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