Hold On 

Are you at crossroads confused on what next to do? Are you sick and tired of praying over the same things?We should always remember that He sees and knows all things. He sees the bigger picture and  we can’t. So why worry when we know He definitely knows what He’s doing. Knowing this makes me feel really small, and its so humbling.   

We all have those heart desires we often feel God may not answer just because we’ve had them for a really really long time. “God why won’t you do this? I’ve cried to you over this severally, are you even listening?” Lol don’t worry you’re  not alone.

It got so bad one time I thought God was skipping this particular prayer point on purpose because he answeres every single thing on my lists except this one thing I was getting tired of praying about. 

But you see,  I try to remember God sees the bigger picture. I’m going to hold and believe He’s going to do it, no matter how long it takes. And what if it never happens?  He’s still God. If He’s able to do all things, maybe there’s a reason why He hasn’t. Somebody should remind me to ask God when we get to heaven about these “reasons” just incase I’m a bit carried away by the golden streets or chilling too much in my mansion 😂. 

So what do you do when God hasn’t answered that prayer yet?  Do I keep praying about them?  Definitely!  Do I obssess about them?  Nope.  Focus on the other beautiful things He’s done for you,  give thanks always about everything , believe and be expectant for an answer. 

His ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts ours. Never forget that. Hold on to Him, it may get hard and tiring sometimes but don’t give up, Joy is coming in the morning. 

God bless you❤

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  1. Opy says:

    Thank you Fifi, I really needed this, this morning. Was feeling down and discouraged.
    I’ll trust God.
    Not with my strength, because that’s hard to do sometimes.
    But I’ll trust and rely on Him by His grace.
    It’s almost like losing sight of myself and just trusting that all will turn out well.

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    1. Yesss it will! Don’t let nothing put you down. God is always with you ❤


  2. yemi says:

    I’m just sooo smiling. Thank you. More grace for greater works

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    1. Thank you so much. Praise God 😊


  3. Eedarh says:

    Thanks you for those words of encouragement. They are life to my spirit. Excellent exposition. More grease to your elbow.

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    1. Amennnnn. Thanks for your kind words. Glad this was encouraging 🙏


  4. Opeoluwa says:

    Thank you so much for this Fisayo. You’re God sent.

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  5. Sarah M! says:

    This just lifted my spirit. I choose to hold unto God even in the darkest hours and I know that joy will certainly come in the morning.
    Bless up sis!!!

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    1. Praise God, Amen!


  6. kabs says:

    I really needed this . I can totally relate. Thank you boo. God bless

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  7. Very very true stuff. We have got to remember every single time we are struggling!

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    1. Yess! We all do need to be reminded 😇

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  8. g42doyouknow says:

    Thanks dear.. Just raised my faith..

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