When Is He Going To Propose? (WWIW)


I recently had a lengthy conversation with one of my male cousins who just got engaged to his fiancé and in the course of our discussion, I realized that; Men don’t need you to tell them that you are their wife, in fact it puts some of them off when you keep bringing up the issue of proposing when they are not ready. So ladies, though you are eager to get married; please don’t force him to put a ring on it. If you were “The One”; trust me, he will. However, everyone moves at their own pace, so ladies chill.😊Although, there are guys that take forever before making the decision to marry her; friend-zoning a lady for 5 years, especially when she is not in her late teens or early 20’s ain’t fair Brother!🙄.

Please seek God’s approval in prayer / speak to your mentors, also study her and when you are sure; tell her what you genuinely believe the Lord is telling you / ask her to marry you. Even if you don’t have the money for the ring, tell her or get something affordable at first. If you feel you are both not ready for marriage yet; be friends but discuss your intentions with her; define the relationship and commit to her. It doesn’t take forever to know that a woman is your wife/helper; see these examples of men in the Bible- “Isaac, Boaz & even the original bachelor of life; Uncle ADAM.” Lol.😆 Above all, Wives-in-waiting, I know we get excited when we feel he may be “the one”, but please be patient and let God confirm it to him. You may hint but I’ll rather you don’t. Simply wait & seek the Lord in prayer; go to the Spiritual Help Desk & get your own confirmation too.😉

Let the reader understand!

I love you all. ❤️


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  1. Lmao at “Bachelor of Life Adam” and I agree oh these men know how to waste girls time 😂 it’s very unfair. Btw I nominated you for the Mystery blogger award! Here’s the link :-


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    1. Lol may God protect us from such men 😂. Will check it out soon. Thank you 💕

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  2. yemi says:

    Lol. Well one thing I wanna point out is some men wouldn’t wanna propose until they get to a certain level cuz no matter hw understanding a lady is without money sometimes /once a while there’s bound to be trouble..lool..but best to make his intentions known.

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  3. Joan Akob says:

    Amen oooo!! This was a good read! Funny but also slapping some serious truth on the matter😂. The wait continues👫😂

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    1. haha! Right on the face. Thank you dear! your posts are lit by the way! Will take my time to read them properly 😀


      1. Joan Akob says:

        Right!😂…Yepiee!! Thank you!! 😁😁😁🙌💓

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