Diary Of A Boss Mom- Conversations You should Have with Your Husband


Hey fabulous you! Yes you! You are all shades of awesome, keep going girl you are one step closer. So I was going to talk about something else this week but a reader asked a question last week that has prompted me to do this piece. And just in the middle of it, my cousin sent a message to help her with a proposal for hubby. Hopefully I will be able to tackle both in this piece. Hmmmmmm, but he is my husband and I know he has this money. Why all these stress and protocol? Even my father will help without asking me a zillion things. Here is the thing, Le boo isn’t your daddy or brother. As much as he fills this shoes within marriage, he is first your investor, business partners or auditor during a “business” relationship if he truly wants you to grow. Kai, my husband and I have fought and still get at it sometimes when he checks in with the business. The uncomfortable truth is we need a person like this who pushes us out of our comfort zone either in our service delivery, processes, packaging, accounting etc and we are very  lucky blessed if it is our spouse.

Can he “overdo” it? YES, in fact expect that he would because unlike his 8-5 job his stake with you is higher whether he finances the business or not. Your success at home and the business gives him a combination of fulfillment, peace of mind and confidence that he can carry on sailing the family ship and if ever a need arises for him to take a break, you are more than capable of holding it together YOU ARE IS HELP MEET. So as he asked you for justification why you should be given a pocket Money as a business woman or gainfully employed wife or a proposal for him to invest in that business? Don’t sweat it dear, just see this hypothetical scenarios. I hope it helps!

Husband: Pocket money? But you run a business, why do you want my money again?

Me: (Answer 1)As you have taught me, I cannot take any personal expense from this growing business. This is why I need your support for a duration of time till am able to get it together.

Me: (Answer 2) A soft answer turns away wrath: say this in a goofy tone, playful. “As a supportive wife, I should be appreciated every now and then. I recommend once a month for starter, especially since I can’t go for date nights, movies and spa. Kindly monetize it” (or just whatever lines works with him).

Me: (Answer 3) I will like not to bother you about doing these little things in the house during work hours, so let’s set aside this money to take care of it. (Every wise woman knows how to recycle money and put hidden costs were needed, my mom taught me this).

If he has asked you for a business proposal

  • he most likely wants to know if you have thoroughly thought about the business or you are simply being impulsive.
  • he wants to see the chances of growth, profit/expense margin, requirement for purchase(goods) or setup(services)
  • Can we(it automatically becomes both your business till you can fully repay the loan) do it on a bigger scale or tone it down duration of business; is it something to start and move to something else or it’s potentially a global idea.
  • In very rare cases, he already knows it’s a NO NO but it may be difficult to say. So in you putting together the proposal, you get a better picture and conclude that it’s probably not the choicest business to go into.
  • Whatever your case may be, no one knows him better than you do. And in my short time in marriage I know that if he says no now, he may say yes if asked the same question another time.

Women run on emotions, Men run on logic. Our emotions may be triggered by hormones, their logic is sometimes triggered by financial strength at the moment. So give him a breather and appeal to his logic. I hope this few tricks work for you. See you next time.

Ebun ❤

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  1. donleinad says:

    This is a really lovely piece….keep it coming….I’m loving every bit….keep it up 💯🔥🔥

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