Diary of a Boss Mom – Balancing Family and Work

When planning to be a stay home mom, that is Being your own boss. Consider very strongly this internal factors which are even more stronger than the external ones I will mention in the next paragraph

  • What is our financial strength?

This is very key because building a happy family is the responsibility of you and your spouse and money is a major factor. Your husband must earn enough to cater for the family while you are on the part of growing your empire. For the first 6months to 2years of your business (as the case may be), you are still trying to break even and cave a nitch for yourself before you think of profiting. So think deeply and dialogue with your husband.

If not, you may need to take a day job for a while, to build up funds to support the home

😎.  How much attention will my business require of me? This may seem like a wave off point but trust me girl, it isn’t. You imagine what the business will require but you will only get the true picture when you start. My husband who is my biggest cheerleader and believer in my dreams started to “compete” for attention with my business. So as time went by, I learned to do work when I’m at work and do family when I’m at home, and this is so hard even till now. Be a wise woman and learn to properly balance your time. My daughter and my business are growing together so it’s easy to nurse them simultaneously.

  •  Pause and Play!!!

Remember the reason we decided on this route in the first place is because of our beautiful kids, so darling be ready to pause your business at any given time for this reason. It may be having another child or paying extra attention during a particular growth stage or even hubby just needs your undivided attention. Again, I say be a wise woman .



So the question is, how do I start up my own business what do I need?

A lot of us (including me) think there are a zillion things needed to start up your own business, well let me shock you. All you actually need is your integrity and determination, for the sake of argument let me add a good business plan. So are you saying I don’t need money at all? NO! I am saying having the first two can be easily monetized. Think of a sales person in insurance for instance, my respect for those guys ehn, they sell you “an idea” and get your money before you get a tangible evidence of the transaction.

So here are my tips below for Boss Moms; existing or in waiting 😁

  • Passion:

Please! Please!! Please!!! Pick something in line with your PASSION, this can determine our success or failure before we even start. Challenges will come as you try to grow and expand your business but passion for what you do will be the wheel to steer through those hurdles .

  • Get a mentor:

most advisably in the same business you wish to start. Only a foolish man will be intrigued at learning from his own mistakes. Your mentors can coach you on what to do and what not to do, however watch out for mentors who may want to live their unachieved dreams through you.

  • Be ready for aggressive marketing:

You have nothing to loose in doing this but so much to gain. In driving your own business, temperaments don’t matter. You must always stay ready to speak or market what you do.

  • This goes back to passion:

Take advantage of social media, when it comes to this I am also still improving. Pictures. Hashtags. Product or service description and so on.
Kindly note that this tips are not cast in stone, just a template I adopted and has worked for me.

Till we see again next week

Ebun ❤


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  1. Ara says:

    Nice post.
    Apart from catering for the home, Am I entitled to a monthly stipend from my husband for personal needs?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that depends on your agreement with your husband, and how close you both are.


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