A New Song

So I’m the type of girl who puts a song on replay a whole day, and almost dislike it the next day. When I love a song, I have the tendency to ware it out in one day. I try to control myself but I can’t help it most of the time. I play a song so bad that the next day I don’t want to hear any of it. I’m tired of singing the same old worship songs on my phone 😭 . When I get new one’s, I repeat the same old pattern and I’m back at it. Good news is that I think I have found a recepie for my current situation. Hold on, I will share 😊.

Yesterday, I wanted to worship, and I wasn’t even thinking of the songs on my phone 😂. I went on youtube and checked on of my favorite channels. ‘Hillsong worship’. There’s always a song I’ve never heard before. You know those songs that just take you there. No struggle! And in a few minutes, I was lost in the spirit. I don’t think it has much to do with the sound although the sound is crazy awesome, but the words, so intense, yet so pure. I just want to raise my hands, scream, shout, cry and pray in unknown tongues. You know 😄! I’m thankful for bands like hillsong ❤

These songs will take you to that place where its all about Jesus and nothing else. Where His love becomes so real, you could almost touch his face. Where you realize His presence is where you want to be forever. Sometimes, I feel all you need to do to spice up your worship experience is a new song. So my playlist for the week is going to look like this until I get tired again 😭

I lowkey feel God wants us to sing new songs to Him. If He didn’t, I don’t think the psalmist would have wtitten about it. Could it be that just as we get tired of singing old songs, God gets tired hearing them too? 😏 

oh what I will give to be at a Hillsong concert ! 😍  

Sing a new song today ❤ 


10 thoughts on “A New Song

  1. indeed!…Worship is a response to our revelation of God…The more of Him u know, the easier intimate worship is.
    Beautiful name(Hillsong) and Onise Iyanu(Nathaniel Bassey) have topped my chart for over a month now.
    God Bless you!

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  2. Really true.. Really great…. That’s why in a few moments of true worship with Him…. He leads us into spontaneous worship where we birth new tunes for Him.

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