Running After You

Hey guys, so for some weeks now, I’ve been a bit distant from God ( He wasn’t distant, I was). I wasn’t praying like I used to, or studying the bible like I used to. I stopped spending quality time with God. All I did were just routine prayers and studies. It seemed as if I was struggling, like it became a real chore to do the things I enjoy doing. I wanted to do them, but I just found myself engulfed in other activities.

 There was this nudge in my spirit, reminding me that I ought to get back in fellowship with God. But I ignored it and just did my thing. I kept wondering why this was happening, felt a bit guilty about this. And I just felt like God was unhappy with me, but I just knew the feeling was not of God. It was put there by the devil to keep me further away from God. 

I went to church yesterday, hoping to get answers for what was happening to me. And I got all the answers I needed to keep me going. So the sermon was titled ” Having Access through fellowship”. From the first words my pastor spoke, I knew the Lord was speaking to me already. And he said:

The greatest thing the devil will attack in my life is my relationship with God

And I was sitting there like dear Lord, I have been under the attack of the enemy.

He made it crystal clear that the devil is after our relationship with God. That being said, He also said that our relationship with God requires discipline. At this point, I already knew why I’d been lagging behind. 

In the words of the preacher, “discipline is one of the most important things we will have to put in place for our relationship with God to work.” And I just put the missing piece together. I had assumed that I would always love to spend time with God. Don’t get me wrong, I love to, but there are days I don’t feel like, but our feelings shouldn’t rule over us right? 

The days I don’t feel like, I should be disciplined enough to know that I have to. If I’ve chosen to follow Jesus, then I should be ready to live a life of discipline. And this is another part of the sermon that got me was from (Matthew 11:29):  

Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls – kjv

He made an illustration, explaining the origin and what a yoke meant. He said a yoke was originally used in the agrarian community where experienced cattle or animal was yoked with another, and wherever the experienced cattle went, the Inexperienced had to follow. Jesus has called us to a life of discipline and since it’s His yoke, when we don’t go in the same direction He’s going, there will just be activities without progress. It’s just movements.

Our relationship with God should not be based on convinience. He wants us to go all the way with him. Matthew (10:38-39). Following God should not be occasional , it’s a choice we have to make daily. Everyday (Luke 9:23). 

What are those things weighing you down and stopping you from truly following God. Search your heart, you’ll discover those things. Do you need to wake up earlier to do that? Or give up that time you use for social media, just to spend time with God. I guess this is exactly what going the extra mile means. We must spend quality time with Him, not because we feel like but because we are discplined enough to do it. We cant let the devil have his way, no we can’t. 



I  pray for divine strength for everyone reading this, that we keep chasing after God and not get tired, and our relationship with God gets stronger and sweeter in Jesus name. Amen!


Keep running 😊

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  1. Ellahillz says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HILPOET says:

    Just what I wanted,,, been here dear,,, thanks for speaking to me too,,, I just wanna cry out to God.
    For a week been away from God.
    But today heading to school, there was this deep cry in my heart, running back to His arms. 😭😭😭🙌🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. Praise God. Glad that could happen. Lets keep chasing after God ❤


  3. Ezinne Zara says:

    Dear God, Fisayo 😭😭 thank you so much! I really REALLY needed this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank God. You are not alone. Keep going 🙌. The lords our strength.


  4. Needed this. 😭🙇


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