I used to think seven was the only perfect number, until I got my twelve in one House of Tara High Intensity Pigment Eye-shadow pallette- Hajia Gambo Sawaba. This master piece was created by the prestigious House of Tara International. All colors are impeccable as the coat of many colors, if Joseph were a girl, I bet his father would present him this beguiling pallette of twelve colors. Captivating and rich in shimmers, an entrancing color for every time and season, the rainbows should be jealous because they don’t get to be seen every day.

We all know that the eyes are the mirror to the soul, but I’m certain these colors make those mirrors clearer. Together all colors are powerful, but individually they stand out and shine bright just like its founder Tara, the stars should go hide their faces. Someone once said ‘’smile. Your eyes sparkle when you do.’’ But I’m saying, ‘’why wait to smile when your eye-shadow could make your eyes sparkle. ‘’You don’t expect anything less than legendary from Tara, this product is a must have for every make up lover.

Buy this amazing yet authentic product here  and visit to purchase other authentic products.



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