My Six Essential Beauty Tips 

New favorite picture 😊

So earlier this morning, I was discussing with my friend and we talked about how Esther took out a whole year to be beautified and prepared for the king, and I jokingly said maybe some ladies are still single because they haven’t been intentional about their physical  looks, and God knows that if their husband arrives, he won’t even look at them once*jokes*.

 If God thought physical beauty didn’t matter, then I think he would not have allowed Esther to go through that rigorous beautification process for a whole year. Like He’d just put this Heavenly glow on her and bam! The king is all over her. Lol I know there’s a place for the beauty of the Lord to be upon you, but you can’t give God zero by eating the wrong things, using the wrong creams and be asking God to give you fresh skin or figure eight. No effort at all . Lol my sister better wake up from thy slumber. 

Now I’m not talking from the angle that I have perfect skin. But people that know me always say my skin is fresh, especially from my neck downwards 😂😭. My face is still a work in progress. I’m getting there. Anyway I’m grateful to God for my skin because it just has to be the beauty of the Lord. And yes my mom too, those days that black soap and ori(shea butter) was bae, I didn’t know the value she was giving me. 

I’ll list a few things I’ve been doing that has helped my life 😭, some I just discovered and implemented. I get tired sometimes but the thought of a flawless face and skin just keeps me going. 

Drink Water 

Everybody talks about drinking water on almost every health/ beauty article. And I cannot begin to describe the little changes I have experienced these past few days. I started drinking water every morning. First thing before my morning exercise, which I recently resumed again. Water does alot to your skin. When you’re dehydrated it will tell on your skin. 

Use Black Soap

This is not a command but an appeal. Guysss! I used black soap Althrough my toddler/teenage years, and my skin has still not recovered. I’m not talking about the regular dudu Osun, I’m talking about the original local black soap, could be processed or not. I will do a review on the black soap I’m using at the moment. I started using this soap just a few days ago and my face feels like baby butt 😂. I’ve changed my soap too many times,  but I think I found the one. 

Use Shea Butter 

Oh my mummy ❤. “Mummy my nose is blocked “, she replies “put Ori on it, mummy my head is paining me “put ori on it” mummy I’m feeling cold”, “rub Ori on your chest.” I mean, this thing was everything to my mom, still is and it works. It worked for every single purpose. Ori was my cream for years 😢, I low-key hated the smell but now the smell doesn’t even matter to me anymore. I use shea butter for my natural hair, most especially  I use it alongside my body cream. You could decide to use it after your night bath, whatever you want. I personally believe shea butter fades scars and stretch marks. There are days I refuse to use anything on my skin after I shower, and that’s because of the weather condition. I cannot come and die of heat 😂. 

Exfoliate skin and Lips

Exfoliation is  very important especially if you wear makeup. You should exfoliate your skin at least three times a week. It helps remove dead skin cells, and leaves your skin feeling soft and bright. For my lips, I exfoliate with sugar, if your lips are dried and chapped, you should try this, it will change everything. Everytime I exfoliate my skin this is how I feel 😏

Chic and glam right? 😍

Fruits and Vegetables 

I haven’t been too faithful when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables consistently. This should not be an option because what you eat tells a lot on your skin

Work Out

You all know how important it is to exercise. If you work out, you’ll look good and also feel good. 

You may not see results overnight but the key is consistency.

Beauty is consistency 


Hope this was helpful 😊

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  1. Ebiegberi Adonkie says:

    I’ll def refer this to sm1 special to me 😊

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  2. yemi says:

    Woow! I should save this for my future wife to read incase she doesn’t already know *winks*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Way to go 🙌😂


  3. Opy says:

    Yels! (In Jenifa’s Voice).
    So true…
    Please readers, kindly take this advise…
    She knows what she’s saying… 😀
    Way to go FiFi!
    High five…
    Thanks for educating us and making us laugh at the same time… 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂
      You welcome 😍 ❤


  4. Oréoluwa says:

    Black soap ey? Thank you for the tip. I will get one this weekend!

    Oréoluwa’s blog

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    1. Yay you should 😊

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  5. jhoy says:

    This is very nice… And for the face I think ori works really good, with less like makeup and mild creams body cream…yes some body creams are too good tip @ the exercise tho

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks baby girl, you’re right. Ori is key 🙌


  6. Onengiyeofori David says:


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  7. habibat yusuf says:

    Pls how do u exfloriate ur skin?..can u help me out pls..m chocolate like u and I also use black soap though d type of skin u have but dre have been no changes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay dear, I exfoliate using Oriflame pure skin clarifying face scrub and purifying mask. Add me on facebook so we can talk. Fisayo Adeyemi


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