Dear Daddy #TalktoGod #TTGseries – Olajide Opeoluwa 

​Hey dad,

I thought I knew a little about love until you captured my heart. I keep wondering how you created the earth, own it and own everything in it and yet you want my heart still. That gets me every single time. I knew and understood love when I allowed myself to be consumed by your love, your everlasting love but yet it’s still a misery(I can’t even take credit for allowing myself neither do I actually understand such epic love). You sneaked into earth by breathing your life into a virgin and becoming human, endured a horrible and painful death, went through hell literally just so to restore to your boy that which was lost – Blood romance, that’s the most romantic thing ever. Even angels wonder, who man is that you’re so mindful of him, I wonder who I am that you’re so mindful of me, and yet You took the time to reveal who I am to me. My soul has found its worth, been with you is all I want to do lately and you have my heart Jesus. You make me glad, you give strength, you give me purpose and in You I find hope. 

Dad, I can only say I love you because you first loved me. 

Your son.

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