You’re More Than Enough 

You are more than enough- believe me, being a child of God is the greatest thing that can give you confidence and boldness. I mean there’s alot out there to make you feel discouraged about your looks, finances, relationships etc  but I want you to know that God’s got you. His love for you is just something  else, unexplainable yet so real. Do you you know you’re good enough that someone died for you?  And if it was just you, he’d still lay his life for you . Laying aside his throne just to save you and set you free? You should go about with your head held high knowing who you truly are. I’m not here to tell you that you’re not going to feel like you’re not good enough sometimes, but you should know it has nothing to do with your feelings. This is who you are. Know who you are in Christ and get used to it. Knowing is greater than the feelings. For example, you have a very important test tomorrow but your teacher/lecturer already gave you a particular page to focus  on and he says that all the questions would come from there. This is a man that keeps to his word and you just have to play your part by studying that page. You’re so sure you would ace the test but you still feel a bit nervous about it. The fact that you know you would do well doesn’t stop you from feeling nervous or having some “maybe” thoughts.

 I think it’s time for us to stop paying much attention to how we feel rather we should channel it to what we know. God says you’re chosen, believe it. He calls you blessed, walk in it. He is jealous over you, know this. He loves you, hold on to this, He says you’re more than enough, that is who you are. In Christ Jesus you are more than enough. A song I love so much says, “your love is devoted,  like a ring of solid gold,  like a vow that is tested,  like a convenance of old. ” yeah it’s really that deep. 

The thing about life is people would always talk. They have something to say about everything and you can’t really please anyone. Like Pastor Biodun will say, “the greatest deliverance anyone could have is deliverance from people .” and that’s the gospel truth. Most people are already looking down on you and expecting you to fail, it is your duty to make sure you’re  not one of them. 

You’re more than enough and it is not because of anything you did or anything you have,  but because  of who you are in Christ Jesus. Wish I had more to back up this statement but I don’t and this is the best I have got. 

God loves you like crazy. Believe it ❤

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  1. Pandora says:

    Wow true talk

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