Guard Your Heart 

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”-Proverbs 4:23 NIV.
We all know that the heart functions as a pump for the movement of blood through the body, however, this Bible passage right here, is saying that the heart does a whole lot more than that. It says EVERYTHING you do flows from it. 

You are the guard to your heart, it is a full time job you cannot sleep on. The world we live in is fallen and far from perfect, what is abnormal seems to be the normal. It is easy to get carried away by everything happening around us, and forget the place of prayer that enables us to recognize the wiles and strategies of the devil. Stay prayed up!

The world would come at you with its own standard of living but we know we have been called to a higher standard, the standard is Jesus. As regards premarital sex, the world has its own standard, its easy to fall into this trap if you don’t make the word of God your standard. If you’re a very observant, it’s not hard to see that every standard God has set through his word, the devil has given his own standard. And if you do not guard your heart, the  “abnormal” begins to look like the “normal.” . 

As regards relationships, not everyone should have access to your life, people should earn their place in your life. If everyone has access to your life, they automatically have access to your heart. Sometimes, I behave like my friends and I don’t even realize it, this is predominately as a result of the relationship I have with them. People in your personal space affect your decisions one way or the other.

The news is always filled with reports of violence, evil and unnecessary violence here. It is important to stay informed but also much more important to guard your heart, if faith comes by hearing , then fear can also come by hearing. You do not need to take everything in. If social media is becoming burdensome, it’s okay to take a break.

If everything we do flows from our heart then we need to guard what we listen to, the kind of books we read, the movies we watch and the songs we listen to. I pray that Jesus gives us better understanding and that he keeps our hearts alive even in this crazy world.

Fisayo Ade ❤


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  1. Your boo boo says:

    Really nice baby girl I love it

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  2. Your boo boo says:

    Really nice baby girl I loved it

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  3. Opy says:

    Head On… Thanks for this box of blessing.👌👍

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    1. Thank you for reading ❤


  4. marcelle umar says:

    Thanks for this baby girl.


  5. Really inspiring. Just what every Christian needs to hear in times likr these.

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