Why I’m Grateful – Marcelle Umar #Wig #wigseries

Why I’m thankful.When Fisayo told me to do this, I planned to write about something entirely different from this.
My mum was rushed to the hospital on the 4th of this month and placed on admission for about a week. Thankfully, she’s recovering quickly, Praise God. If I begin to write about my mum’s health and how thankful my family and I are, I’ll probably have to publish a book because it’s a miracle. 

Now, let’s get straight to it. I spent the last few days sleeping in the hospital, taking care of my mum. I’m actually thankful that I did because this trial period has taught me a lot. The Lord opened my eyes to a lot of things. Firstly, I realised that family isn’t really about relationship by blood, in fact to me it has nothing to do with it. Most of the people who stood by us, who were there for us, prayed for us where people who weren’t related to us by blood. These where just friends who over the years have come to love us sincerely for no particular reason. The so called family(blood relatives) where were they? Each time those friends came to visit, as they came almost everyday it brought tears to my eyes and I remembered Proverbs 18:24 … there’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother. I’m so thankful to God for bringing such people into our lives, people who went from being complete strangers to people we now call family. 

I’m thankful because I personally have been blessed with wonderful friends, people who know my flaws but have decided to love me regardless. To me, friendship is a gift from God, I’m so thankful and wouldn’t take any for granted. 

Secondly, the importance of faith as a Christian cannot be overemphasised. The Bible says; the just shall live by faith. Lord knows that what has kept my mum alive till this day is nothing but her faith in God. She believes that other people in her condition have died not necessarily because of the sickness but because they lack faith and they gave up. The last words of her brother who died because of the same condition were “I can’t anymore, I’m tired” ,he faced the wall and that was it! When we rushed my mum to the hospital, she was in so much pain, she was crying but I kept hearing her whisper Bible verses, speaking in tongues, saying only positive. Not once did she utter anything negative.  That alone made me cry, how someone in that much pain still had 100% confidence in her God and didn’t give up as some others would have. Daniel 11:32 says that those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. The key; know your God. 

Be so confident in him and in his word and don’t let the devil put otherwise in your mind (cos that’s what he loves to do). Just have Faith! I’m most thankful for Jesus, it’s because of the sacrifice of Jesus that my mum has that much faith. Christ in me, the hope of Glory. I’m thankful for GRACE, that’s what has kept me and my family.
I haven’t really written about my own life here, I’ll probably do so when next I get the chance to on this platform or another. But trust me the summary of my whole life is the GRACE of God!

I hope this helps someone. Cheers!


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  1. Ozegho says:

    Marcelle you have really blessed me today with your write up,I am so grateful to God that your mum is alive and I pray that God continues to grant her good health and long life…I join my faith with your family’s

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  2. Onapemipo says:

    Food to my spirit man, body nd soul. GOD BLESS YOU MARCELLE!

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