A man of God for such a time as this -Happy Birthday Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

I remember the first day I stepped into COZA during the Don Moen program years ago.  I was mostly excited that I was going to see the man I listened to.. well my “mom” listened to while we were growing up. The first thing I noticed were the gorgeous  ladies at the entrance who all chorused ” I celebrate you. ” I was surprised because I had never seen such a thing in my life. It felt really good and I was already feeling special right from the entrance.

The program was really awesome, and when I got home that night it was all I could talk about.  Ever since then, I had always been drawn to the excellence in Coza. Since I was still in secondary school then, I couldn’t make my own decision to change my church.

Finally graduated in 2016 July, didn’t waste anymore time,  I fully joined Coza in August 2016. And for real when this question was asked “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN” I keep asking my self where have I been because it looked as if I had missed alot.

I recall  the day I sent you a message when my mom was ill, you took no time in responding in prayer, God bless you sir. Indeed you’re a man who does not only care about the spiritual welfare  of his church but also their physical well being.

When I ran into you in church the day before the Benny Hinn program, I was too excited because this was pastor Biodun  right in front of me. And when I greeted you, the way you responded was just.. Just… I don’t have the word. All I can say is, Sir your humility is on a hundred. 

These few months that  I have been in Coza, I can say my life has turned around. Even when I was in nysc orientation camp I couldn’t stay away thanks to Coza radio. 

You have not only been a pastor, you are teacher, a mentor, and a father. You are the true example of proverbs 4:18 man . And I pray for you sir that this will continually be your testimony and that of our church in Jesus name.

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, long life and prosperity. May the Lord keep you and your family and may Coza continually make Undeniable Exploits in Jesus name. I celebrate you sir. 


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