Why I’m grateful – Olufunto Joseph #wig #wigseries 

Why I’m grateful?

I didn’t know what 2016 was going to be like when it started, and usually I never like to fast…but this year I did for 21days…..🤕🤕wasnt easy,,but den u know how they say it “nothing good comes easy.” 

I used to be a complainer, but then someone told me why not take it to God in prayer which I did during that period, I prayed like never before and trust me God did wonders, he gave me more than what I asked for. I am also grateful because even though people say things are hard, for me and my family it has been stress free…with God providing for our every need.

I’m grateful for my friends and family, we started 2016 together and we are storming 2017 together in good health. 

 Finally I’m grateful cause I cant even count my blessings.


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