Why I’m Grateful- Daniel Igbosuah #Wig #Wigseries 

I’m thanking God for the 366 days of this year, my family and I are full products of his mercies and his grace. I did some very wrong stuff early this year and it was as if this year was going to be shambles for me.

 I was in some deep trouble and it caused me alot both physically, financially and spiritually. Infact i was lost even from January 2nd of this year but God kept me, his consistency kept me through it all. 

I thank God because my final year was a smooth ride , all thanks to Jesus because he was there for me. I did not deserve a good result because I was lost in sin, impurity, and depression but he gave me the best. Till now people still look at me like that “sharp guy” but I am really a blunt guy with a sharp God. he gave me grace and speed in my project. Everything worked for my good.

I thank God for my mum,she had a serious issue in at her work place that made her to leave. So she wasnt on any salary for most of the year but God was sufficient for me and my brother in school. My dad got the promotion he had been waiting for almost 3 years. We never had a time when we lacked even during this recession, God was faithful. 

I will be forever grateful to God for divine health, especially in my life and that of my family members, I never went to the hospital this year. And I’m thankful He healed my sister from an ailment. 

fiynally in september ,God restored me in full. I’m now in total oneness with Jesus. I was not the best I could  have been this year but I am far better than where I would have been if not for God. God is really great and wonderful, i I will serve him till i die.

So folks, no matter how deep you are in sin, Jesus can change your story. I know there are some people who feel like they’re doing good and fine without God. That’s just the lie of the devil to keep you away from God. You may think you’re good,but trust me you will always be better off and be at your best with Jesus, as I am my best with Jesus.


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