Many of us have mastered the act of classifying the act of sin into ‘’big sin’’ and ‘’small sin’’ and from my understanding, no such thing exists. The sin of lying is as great as fornication, the sin of murder is as great as stealing, and the sin of homosexuality is as great as gossip. Looks rather unfair? Yes I know but sin is sin, we cannot afford to sugar coat this one. The only time we can actually talk about ‘’measuring sin’’ is when it comes to its consequences. When an employee tells his boss he’s already on his way to work while he just showered, doesn’t matter if he made it to work early or not, he lied. The last time I checked, lying is still a sin. It’s even one of the characteristics of the devil. When you compare the consequences of lying to that of a person who committed murder which is a felony, no one needs to tell you how big the difference is. Many of us live our lives based on these little self-given rules of ”big sin” and ”small sin” so that’s why we find it very easy to lie and gossip and you go on thinking you’re still on the right with God and judging other people just because you sin better. We really need to examine ourselves so that we don’t become delusional about what God says about sin.
Temptation may come every now and then but being tempted is not a sin and should it should never be counted as one, so no one should feel ashamed when they’re facing temptations because Jesus Christ was also tempted and He overcame sin. When you feel like dwelling on ungodly thoughts, you feel like being rude, you feel the need to lie and you resist the devil, you just overcame temptation. It is not easy that’s why we have to constantly have the word of God hidden in our hearts. Jesus used the word of God to overcome the temptations he faced. Just as this bible passage implies (1st Corinthians 10:13), God is not going to make you face a temptation you cannot overcome. When you have this mindset you’d know that whatever temptation the devil brings your way you already have the power to overcome. I’ve heard people say ‘’ make you no go tempt devil’’ lol it sounds funny but this statement is too true. You find people struggling with a drinking habit and the first place they want to watch a football match is at the bar and we all know the happiness that comes with football especially when the team you support wins. Such a person has tempted himself! and did not act wisely. Just as someone who’s struggling with masturbation visits pornographic sites (intentionally), these images will fill their minds for a very long time even when they don’t want to think about them. Whatever your mind feeds on is what it dwells on. When you know what triggers you to fall into sin, you should run. What am I even saying run, you should flee!! well that’s how the bible states it. God knew exactly what he was talking about when He said we should flee from all appearances of evil. Temptation will only overcome you when you do not flee.
Many of us have sinned so many times and asked for forgiveness an awful lot of times as well and at some point we begin to question our salvation. When you fall over that sin that easily besets you, you feel like a horrible person, you feel guilty and even ashamed to even talk to God. Be happy you feel this way! It means you still have a conscience and you’re conscious of God’s place in your life. One thing the devil does is to make us feel we’re unwanted by God after we sin, we should never let the feeling of guilt overwhelm us. God already knows that you have sinned so might as well come clean with Him and ask for forgiveness and repent. Your forgiveness doesn’t come in how humbly you ask for it, or how much tears runs out when you’re telling God how sorry you are. Your forgiveness is already available because Jesus Christ already took your sin and shame away when He died on the cross of Calvary. If you still feel guilty? It’s left for you to accept the price Christ paid. Ensure you feed on the word of God on a daily basis and believe every part of His word. His word says ‘therefore there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus’ (Romans 8:1). You need not feel guilty anymore because you’re in Christ.


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