let God help you

I’m really feeling inspired tonight. So I decided to write this. I promise you, it’s not as long as the others lol. Well this post is just to encourage anyone who’s tired of almost everything happening, maybe you’re facing some challenges or something or things are not going very smoothly, I want to assure you that this post is for you. So read on 🙂 .
The best things that happen to us are usually not expected or even deserving. Let me use this medium to share my testimony. Last semester, I had the best result in my department, when I heard it at first I found it very hard to believe because obviously there were other people who I considered were better than me ‘’Academically’’. What even made it more incredible and surprising was the fact that I got an A in a course I felt I had not done well enough in. I really studied hard for the course and at the end of the examination I was sweating. I felt hurt inside but when people asked me how it went. In faith I’d gladly tell them ‘’it was great, it was wonderful,’’ trying to be all positive about the whole thing. I was so disturbed that I had to go talk to my sister and she told me not to worry that I was not going to fail and everything was going to be fine, I was so scared and my heart skipped a beat every time I remembered. Then I figured out something; If everything goes all perfect all the time, ‘’all unicorns and rainbows’’, everything goes just as planned, we might feel that we don’t need God in our lives. That particular course was either going to strengthen my faith in God or weaken it. If it never happened that way and the results came out and my grades were perfect I might feel the need to believe I did it all on my own or it was because studied really I hard for it. I just kept thanking God because I knew I wasn’t going to fail and He was going to complete the good work He had started in my life.
Sometimes all we really need to do is thank God in advance and believe what His word says. If you’re going through any difficult situation or somethings are happening that you really aren’t happy about, Let God help you. Let Him fix it. You don’t have to do it all on your own or go through it all on your own. It’s never going to harm you to believe, the worst that could happen is that what you’re hoping for might never come to pass but I really doubt that would happen because God is forever faithful. If you play your part right and you give room for Him to help you, He’ll surely not let you down. At the end of the day God wants us to be able to say “It was only God, If it wasn’t for God’’ you know. Let Him take all the glory. God has plans for us and they’re good plans to give us a hope and a future in this confused world we find ourselves. Don’t let how you’re feeling determine if you choose to believe in God or not. So when things don’t seem to be going on smoothly, just see it as an opportunity to test your faith and trust in God. Keep it in mind that no matter what goes on God always has a plan for you. Keep believing God, never giving up, because he makes everything beautiful in its own time. Talking from experience God NEVER fails and He won’t start with you.

Haven’t posted in a while because I’m currently writing exams and the past month was about continuous assessments. Thanks to everyone following up. I see the reads and comments, they’re really encouraging. Love you guys xx


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  1. marcelle says:

    I think this is for me!! Thanks a bunch and I miss you very much! Xoxo

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    1. Than you darling I’m glad this could help ❤


  2. Pringshak says:

    I really needed this. God bless you. ♥♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wow God bless you too.I’m really happy this could make a difference ❤


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